So You Think You Can Dance recap: Getting Waacky

Auditions in Los Angeles and Philadelphia bring out the funky, the waacky, and the very, very young
Ep. 03 | Aired Jun 11, 2014


In the choreography round, both Shafee and Amir made it through, along with 19 others from Philly. And that led us right into day two of Philly with Broadway star Billy Porter on the judges' panel. Unlike the last two guest judges, he didn't care about collecting souls. He wanted a story.

Stanley Glover, 19: After waking up to find his mother dead next to him as a child, Glover certainly had a story. But could he tell it through dance? Yes and no. Yes in that he definitely told a story. And no in that it had nothing to do with his mother (I hope).

Glover's creature-like routine was very powerful. I was sucked into what he was doing, but I also wanted him to be a bit more grounded. His movement could've used more ferocity, if that makes sense. His face, however, had a bit too much ferocity. In fact, he scared Mary … scared her right into giving him a ticket. Next step: Hollywood

James "Banks" Davis, 24: It's official: I'm never going out in New York on Halloween again. He was shot in Union Square because he was dancing for some girls?! Seems I'm going to have to keep my mad moves to myself next Halloween.

But let's talk about the audition: From his first movement, I was in love with #slowkrump. It was absolutely mesmerizing. Every tiny movement was so understated and yet so powerful. He hit hard when he needed to, but he balanced that with being so smooth and flawless. He reminded me of a smoother version of Russell, whom I loved.

Unfortunately, the judges weren't nearly as obsessed. Nigel did comment on the expansiveness of his movement, which I agreed was phenomenal, but they  only sent him through to choreography, where he eventually was turned away. Please, please, please come back next year, James! Slow krump must live on.

Oh, and 11 others made it through choreography.

So that's that. I hope you all liked my audition. Perhaps I'll label it #getoffthecouch. Thoughts?

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