Smash recap: Hooray for Bollywood

Karen gets seduced by Rebecca's allure and her own brain's awesome, ridiculous, Indian-flavored fantasy
Ep. 12 | Aired Apr 23, 2012

FROM INDIA WITH LOVE She's no Aishwarya Rai, but Kat McPhee held her own in tonight's lavish production number.

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- Bombshell has found a new DiMaggio. His name is Ted, and he's played by Tony Yazbeck -- a Broadway actor who's had the distinction of appearing in not one, not two, but three revivals of Gypsy. But don't get too attached; next week's previews indicate that Ted isn't long for this world.

- I'd be furious if Tom and Julia cut "Mr. and Mrs. Smith." But "Lexington and 52nd St."? That I can do without.

- Karen made the iPad edition of Page Six! Her parents must be so proud.

- This week, Linda the Stage Manager learns how to make kale-coconut smoothies. Glad Ann Harada is getting something to do.

- Did you get a good look at the various Bombshell posters Eileen was considering? How do you feel about the one Derek picked out?

- Okay, how long until Rebecca's peanut allergy leads to her getting incapacitated?

- Nick's bachelor pad features whales and a large photo of Keith Richards, his role model. Congrats, Eileen, you're dating a college student who's time-traveled here from 1970.

- I love, love, love the way Jerry greets Eileen, Nick, and the couple they're chatting with: "This is a merry crew!"

- Line of the night might go to Leo's friend as he's putting Julia in her place: "You screwed up your life so bad you have to run around threatening loser teenagers."

- Updated to add: Also, Tom and Sam are still characters! They cry, they smooch, they maybe have some holy sex. I hope next week gives them -- or at least Tom -- more to do.

- So why did Leo really run away? Well, according to the boy himself, "I don't know what anything is anymore!" Yep; sounds like a kid acing his AP classes.

- Public service announcement: Smash's soundtrack hits stores on May 1.

Next week, the show travels to Boston, Karen rejects Dev's marriage proposal, and Michael Swift may make an unwelcome return. Think Season 1's third-to-last installment will be as entertaining as tonight's episode was?

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