Smash recap: Hooray for Bollywood

Karen gets seduced by Rebecca's allure and her own brain's awesome, ridiculous, Indian-flavored fantasy
Ep. 12 | Aired Apr 23, 2012

FROM INDIA WITH LOVE She's no Aishwarya Rai, but Kat McPhee held her own in tonight's lavish production number.

Will Hart/NBC

Alas, all good things must come to an end. When Karen's reverie ceases, she and Dev are still stuck in their increasingly unhappy relationship -- and Rebecca has taken off. Time to switch back to Julia, who's decided to track down her son by becoming a Master of Disguise. (Guess she rejected the Ashley Judd approach.) Julia accosts Mason and gets him to spill the beans by bragging about how famous she is. Seriously! Anyway, Leo's totally fine; he's been hiding out at his pal's place. And after tiring of the wild rumpus, he makes his way back to Julia and Frank's gorgeous brownstone. Hooray! Periodic Table flashcards for everyone!

Rebecca ducks out of rehearsal to grab a bag of potato chips and some alone time with Karen. While she's gone, newly designated smoothie monkey Ellis gets to work concocting a brew for the movie star. As he's juicing, Ivy approaches and asks if he'd do something for her. Ellis slyly replies that he'd do anything Ivy asked. If you're like me, you immediately assumed that Ivy and Ellis would slip peanuts into Rebecca's drink; Ms. Duvall is deathly allergic to them. I'm glad this didn't end up happening -- sending someone into anaphylactic shock would be insanely evil, even for Terrible Ellis and Again-Villainous Ivy.

Instead, Ellis simply borrows a phone from Rebecca's manager and texts Karen, telling her that she's done for the day. Iowa scampers home. Rebecca, meanwhile, comes back to rehearsal after a lengthy break and discovers that Derek has finally had enough of her shenanigans. He tosses a paparazzo's expensive camera to the ground, then yells that Rebecca's going to have to stop messing with both her understudy and her director. In a nice touch, after his outburst, Derek and Rebecca have to share an elevator upstairs.

It's time to practice that new song, "Second Hand White Baby Grand." But since Karen is nowhere to be found, the tune gets reassigned to wicked Ivy. And honestly? She sings it so beautifully that it's tough to be angry about the underhanded methods she used to get the solo. "Baby Grand" has some sappy lyrics and a melody that's a touch generic, but the whole somehow adds up to be more than its parts. When Ivy finishes her ballad, even Eileen is wiping away tears.

But there's someone who didn't love the performance: Rebecca, of course. She thinks Marilyn should get to sing the song. And... curtain. Something tells me that this Rebecca business might come to a head next week.

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