Smash recap: Hooray for Bollywood

Karen gets seduced by Rebecca's allure and her own brain's awesome, ridiculous, Indian-flavored fantasy
Ep. 12 | Aired Apr 23, 2012

FROM INDIA WITH LOVE She's no Aishwarya Rai, but Kat McPhee held her own in tonight's lavish production number.

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Julia bows out of rehearsal so that she and Frank can concentrate on locating their missing son. She tells a policeman that her lost kid is smart and studious. Julia, he can't help you if you don't tell the truth. At school, she and Frank interrogate Mason, Leo's shaggy-haired best friend; though he initially pleads ignorance, Julia has a hunch that Mason knows more than he's letting on. Perhaps he's discovered Leo's terrible secret: He's really just an ambulant pile of scarves.

In next week's episode, Bombshell officially begins its out-of-town tryout in Boston. But that doesn't mean it's too late to add some new songs to the show... right? Right?? Anyway, this most recent tune will be given to one of Marilyn's "shadow-selves" -- the formerly mute ladies who stand in the background during "Let Me Be Your Star" -- because Marilyn's real self still can't sing. When she gets wind of this, Rebecca immediately suggests that her BFF4EAE Karen perform the number, because she has "a real rock star voice." Just the thing for a tender ballad about Monroe's relationship with her mother!

As Karen practices the tune -- she sounds gorgeous -- Ivy can barely find the energy to brood in the hallway. By this point, she must be resigned to the fact that everything always seems to be coming up Karen. But all that is going to change -- because Ellis has suddenly decided that he wants to see Ivy take the spotlight. Is forming an alliance with Terrible Ellis better or worse than developing an addiction to eight different prescription drugs?

Eileen's had enough of downing $7 martinis at The Bushwack while making eyes at Bartender Nick. She's finally ready to show off her accented stallion at a schmancy BAM event. Jerry is also present, and though he makes a point of hissing that it's a little late for his ex "to start dating the pool boy," Eileen gets through the evening without dousing him in alcohol. She and Nick then leave the performance early, go back to his place, and do what birds, bees, and even educated fleas do. (Sex. They do sex.)

Karen, Dev, and Rebecca, meanwhile, are having a much less satisfying three-way date at an Indian restaurant. After condescendingly asking for bottled water and making a quip in a cringeworthy, caricature-y Indian accent, the movie star picks a fight with Dev. The two begin arguing about whether he has his girlfriend's best interests at heart, and whether he's acting strange because he thinks he's losing her. But Karen isn't listening. Instead, she's staring at a TV in the restaurant, where a Bollywood movie is playing...

And you know how I feel about what comes next. I'm not sure why "A Thousand and One Nights" is an Indian cinema-style song set in Agrabah, but I'm prepared to go with it anyway. Things worth noting: Raza Jaffrey is a great dancer. Katharine McPhee looks amazing in her slinky, belly-bearing getup. Terrible Ellis's cameo (he steals a necklace from Eileen as she's smooching Nick) is absolutely fantastic. Leo, spoiler alert, should never be allowed to participate in a production number. This may be a controversial proclamation, but I'd put this sequence right up there with "Let's Be Bad."

NEXT: The End of the Bollywood Affair

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