Smash season premiere recap: Another Op'nin', Another Show

With Karen and Ivy Lynn, her foe / Can Safran save it, or will it blow? / It's season 2 now so come on, let's go!
Ep. 01 | Aired Feb 5, 2013

YOUR MOMENT OF JEN A revamped season 2? Who cares -- all we really need is more J. Hud retro pastiche numbers.

Will Hart/NBC

Before I hit Episode 2, here's a quick round of Footlights:

- That tuning-up title card has been replaced with a kicky new credits sequence, which ends as all such sequences should (with Eileen tossing a drink in our collective face). Do you like?

- For those keeping score at home, here's how the show dispatched with season 1's excised characters: Dev appears only via a letter that Karen quickly crumples into a ball and tosses out. (Excerpt: "I know in time maybe you will be able to forgive me, but I don’t want to wait that long. Please don’t’ let everything we had fall apart just because of one transgression. There’s a chance here to grow from this, both of us. And I miss you terribly.") An offscreen Michael asks to be let out of his contract. And Leo is spoken of but never seen, as God and nature intended.

- Then there's Sporto Sam, who's leaving New York to star as the General in The Book of Mormon's national tour. If you haven't seen the show, I will not spoil what the General's actual name is. If you have: Heeeeee.

- Karen and Tom both garnered rapturous reviews in Boston. Tom, adorably, has his best notice memorized: "Levitt scores a marvel, full of charm and pizzazz in his pastiche numbers and unparalleled emotion in its introspective moments."

- Tom and Julia are living together now! "It'll be like old times, or a sitcom," Tom jokes, as NBC sighs and wishes it were 1998 again.

- The mysterious number Jerry texts is 917-555-0144. Ellis doesn't answer when you call it; I checked.

- Jennifer Hudson is an incredible singer, but even she can't sell this clunker of a line: "You may be a womanizer, but I know there's no merit to her story."

- Ronnie is supposed to star in a revival of The Wiz, directed by Derek, once Beautiful closes. This will be important in episode 2.

- I've got to say, I'm glad that Derek and Karen have settled into a pure muse/poet sort of relationship. That's much more interesting than a run-of-the-mill romance.

- Kyle the bartender collects programs from failed musicals. Sounds like a [title of show] fan.

- As you may already know, "Broadway, Here I Come" was not written originally for Smash -- like Jimmy's other songs, it's the work of an up-and-coming composer rather than Shaiman and Wittman. This particular tune is by Joe Iconis; here's new cast member Krysta Rodriguez singing it in 2011.

NEXT: Part 2, in which Smash discovers Brooklyn and Derek discovers feminism

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