Smash recap: Parents Just Don't Understand

Ivy isn't nearly as happy to see Bernadette Peters as the rest of us are
Ep. 09 | Aired Apr 2, 2013

DON'T TELL MAMA... but she's totally ruining my liiiiiiiife. (This caption brought to you by Ivy's inner monologue.)

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- Intentional Comedy Alert: How great were Tom and Julia's anemic "yaaays" after Ivy learned that Leigh was playing Gladys?

- "Why are they being so nice?" "This is boring. I want my catfight already." And I desperately want Jessica and Bobby to play Greek Chorus every week.

- I'm still not totally clear on what The Diva does in Hit List, or even how these songs are going to fit together to form a coherent musical. But I do like the idea of Ana's part being beefed up... especially if that creates some actual conflict between her and Karen. What's a breakout star to do when her best friend threatens to steal her spotlight?

- Oh hey: "Reach for Me" was written by Andrew McMahon, a.k.a. the guy from Something Corporate. Can't wait for his next Smash ballad, "If You C Ellis."

- It takes days of inappropriate flirting for Richard Francis to realize that he should probably give the Bombshell story to another writer. Then again, you too might forget yourself if Anjelica Huston were working her voodoo on you.

- Kyle is still credited as the writer of Hit List's book on the show's poster. Huh.

- Uh oh, Julia is about to become the creature she hates most of all -- a dramaturg. Scott's asking her to doctor Hit List's script, because even after the show's been entirely rewritten, Kyle's rotten story is still screwing everything up. Given the twisted history between that show and Bombshell, would this really be allowed? Is it completely and utterly useless to keep asking questions like that one?

- Also, according to Slim Shady, "Collins" isn't Jimmy's real last name. Please place your bets on who the composer really is. I'm voting Dick Whitman.

And that's it for Smash's primetime run! Do check back on Sunday morning for a recap of the show's first Saturday episode; you know it'd go perfectly with a bagel and schmear.

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