Smash recap: Parents Just Don't Understand

Ivy isn't nearly as happy to see Bernadette Peters as the rest of us are
Ep. 09 | Aired Apr 2, 2013

DON'T TELL MAMA... but she's totally ruining my liiiiiiiife. (This caption brought to you by Ivy's inner monologue.)

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The real centerpiece of the party, though, is a performance by Ana in her "Diva" persona. Visually, it's the season's most ambitious and impressive number yet -- Ana sings it while effortlessly nailing some Cirque du Soleil-style aerial acrobatics, along with a bevy of other professional ribbon dancers. Melodically, though, the tune can't really stand up to endlessly hummable songs like "Rewrite This Story" or "I Heard Your Voice in a Dream." And while Ana sounds perfectly nice, she also doesn't sound much like a diva. The song is all gentle crooning, hardly the beltfest we'd expect from a character who's supposed to be Earth's biggest star. Plus, didn't Jimmy just convince Derek to give up on fancy "bells and whistles" like LED screens and aerial acrobatics last week?

Whatever; the crowd loves "Reach For Me." Important Arts Writer Richard Francis is especially impressed by its star -- which means that Hit List's team might find themselves reshuffling things to give Ana a bigger part. Jimmy will certainly accept this suggestion with his characteristic class. (Also, Derek just straight-up gives him the money he owes Slim Shady. Can this please be the end of that plot?)

Back at Bombshell, Ivy and Leigh have one of those clearing-the-air conversations that would normally lead to mutual understanding and hugs all around. The twist: Even after Leigh makes a cursory effort to smooth things over, Ivy tells her that she'll never need her help again once Bombshell opens. Their relationship might not be repaired... but tapping into its rough edges does help Leigh bring new depth to her big, sad ballad, "Hang the Moon." The song finds Gladys wistfully telling Marilyn how she wishes she could have done things differently, via an extended movie analogy. By the end of it, everyone in the rehearsal room is a wee bit teary.

Once again, though, Ivy doesn't let emotion overwhelm her. After the number ends, she approaches Tom and tells him that she knows he's the one who pushed for Leigh to join the cast. As good as that may have been for the show, working with Leigh has been "torture" for Ivy -- which means she's decided that she and Tom are no longer friends. Noooo! At least she didn't seal his dumping by pouring yogurt all over his head.

Karen and her own father, naturally, end up on better terms than Ivy and her mother. He heads back to Iowa having given the girl his blessing for both Bombshell and her relationship with Jimmy. Unfortunately, Mr. Cartwright also inadvertently lets Derek know that his muse and his leading man are bumping uglies. Yeah, the director's going to take this news about as well as Rebecca Duvall took that peanut smoothie.

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