Smash recap: New Directions

Can Derek learn how to compromise with his collaborators -- and can Tom learn how to say "no" to his?
Ep. 08 | Aired Mar 26, 2013

HELLO, I MUST BE GOING Sam's back in town, but only for a spell -- unless Tom can come up with a reason to make him stay.

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- So Hit List doesn't need any"bells and whistles," but Bombshell is going to rely on the gimmick of a real-life mother/daughter pair playing mother and daughter onstage. This prospective Tony race isn't looking very close, guys.

- Also, how did it take this long for Bombshell's team to think of casting Leigh Conroy? Ivy, at least, has to see this one coming. Right?

- Eileen: "Ivy's got her mother's face." Agnes the Publicist: "And her rack." Marry me, Daphne Rubin-Vega.

- Miracle of miracles -- did the woman who raised the creature that is Leo just give Tom some decent parenting/directing advice?

- Karen steals one of Jimmy's old shirts, probably because her sniffin' pile is getting weak.

- Aww, look at how happy Bobby and Jessica are to get a little crumb of screen time!

- Kyle and Jimmy walk past La MaMa at one point. Think the theater's fictional counterpart is following up last year's Bruno Mars extravaganza with, say, a conceptual Ke$ha jukebox musical?

- Tonight's cheesiest line: "It's some kid walking across the stage to tell a girl that he loves her! If we can't get an audience to think about that on its own, one of us isn't very good at his job." This must be why all of Once is just a guy slowly crossing from stage left to stage right and back again.

- Kyle hooked up with that cute lighting designer! Four for you, Kyle!

- Hey, remember how you just can't get enough Jimmy? Well, you're in luck, Smashochists -- next week's episode is all about our favorite even-tempered leading man, according to the preview. What a fitting note for Smash's last Tuesday night broadcast to end upon.

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