Smash recap: Art Imitates Life

Smash reaches new levels of self-referentiality as Bombshell and Hit List each find a star
Ep. 07 | Aired Mar 19, 2013

PUTTING IT TOGETHER Here's to the ladies who lunch, and scheme, together. (Yes, I know they're actually eating dinner.)

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- There's some trouble brewing with Karen's roommate-slash-understudy Ana, who's the only person not delighted when the Prodigal Iowan returns to Hit List. T-minus how many episodes before she sleeps with Jimmy just to piss Karen off?

- Derek is formally allowing Bombshell to use his original choreography. Phew; what would we do without shots of Marilyn being tossed from dude to dude?

- And, oh yeah, Grace Gummer came back from Alaska to play the thankless role of Eileen's daughter once more. Duly noted.

- After "Ce N'est Pas Ma Faute," the evening's most delightful moment had to be those glimpses of Tom trying to teach awful replacement choreography to Karen. At one point, he basically does the Bend and Snap. Karen's winningly goofy dancing also deserves a few GIFs, stat.

- Two romantic rivals, two overly effusive appraisals of Iowa's talents. Jimmy: "Ana doesn't have what Karen has!" Derek: Karen is "one of the brightest young actresses around!"

- Julia and Collins (who, fine, I will call Scott if you insist) apparently have some kind of history. Perhaps they once shared some bananas by the bunch?

- Also, hee: Even though the Manhattan Theatre Workshop isn't a thing, it apparently has mounted at least one production of Rent. Check out the posters in ScottCollins's office.

- And speaking of bananas: Please, please tell me that you guys saw that insane Ford Focus commercial with the Ice Capades dancers singing "Let Me Be Your Star." It was scrumtrulescent.

- I know this is basically what happened to Brian d'Arcy James, but -- they wouldn't cast Jesse L. Martin in a non-singing role, would they?!

- Eileen will never forgive Jerry for confirming that a criminal was indeed engaged in criminal activity, and subsequently reporting that criminal to the police. Yup, Jerry is clearly a monster.

- When Terry said that he wanted to bring back "the mirrors, and the sheep, and the full frontal nudity," I got all the confirmation I needed that Stefon really does write for this show.

- And finally, on a purely practical note: If I continue writing these recaps once Smash moves to the Saturday graveyard, will you lovely people keep reading them?

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