Smash recap: Mama, I'm a Big Girl Now

The cast prepares for Ronnie's big concert, Ronnie tries to shake up her good girl image, and Jimmy struggles to pen a breakthrough song
Ep. 04 | Aired Feb 26, 2013

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST It's a matter of time before Jimmy surprises Karen by giving her her very own library. Or a bar with a stage in it.


The camera slowly leaves Eileen, Derek, Tom, and Julia. In season 1, it immediately would have panned to Terrible Ellis standing outside his boss's office door, pressing his horrible little ear to the glass and adding more secrets to his hair. But this is season 2, which means we instead cut to Jerry, who's having a clandestine phone conversation and writing a big, fat check... TO TERRIBLE ELLIS HIMSELF!!

So yes: The show has confirmed that Jerry and Ellis have been working together all along to wrest control of Bombshell from Eileen. Reader, I can't lie -- when the Sweater-Vested One's name was finally invoked aloud, I cackled as merrily as Elphaba in a broom factory. Does this glorious development mean a return to the insanity that marked Smash's maiden voyage? In all honesty, I kind of hope it does.


- Peter slyly hides the true subject matter of Bombshell by changing the Marilyn character's name to "Mary" when he gives the script to his class. Criminy, Pete, you couldn't try even a tiny bit harder than that?

- Kyle's confident that Jimmy can write a great new song before the concert. After all, Sondheim wrote "Send in the Clowns" in one day! And Tom and Julia wrote "Don't Forget Me" in less time than that, adds Karen! Note to Iowa: one of those things is not like the other.

- Before she comes clean during the deposition, Eileen and the prodigal Bartender Nick share a scene that's very '50s melodrama. Sample dialogue: "They don't know you like I know you! You're a good man! You're a decent man!"

- Derek screams that he wants Ronnie to look like she's "finally gotten some," howls that she has to connect with her body, demands that she make him "feel something, anything" -- and he wonders why every woman on planet Earth has accused him of sexual harassment?

- Peter admits that he sucks at writing, but says that he is a good teacher. Julia thinks that can't be true, since his students didn't like her play. Perhaps this is where Leo gets his academic prowess.

- Other songs to be performed in Ronnie's concert include "A Sleepin' Bee," "If I Loved You," and "Ease on Down the Road." And now I can't stop thinking about Jennifer Hudson just singing the crap out of "If I Loved You."

- In the final performance of "I Got Love," Ivy's the only dancer wearing sleeves. Is she the Michelle Williams of Smash? (She totally is.)

- "I Can't Let Go" ends with rose petals falling from the ceiling of the theater. Good to know Mena Suvari's still getting work!

Did "The Song" bring back any of the goodwill that "The Dramaturg" squandered? How worried are you about Smash's chances of survival? And most importantly: TERRIBLE ELLIS IS BACK!! Discuss. (But not too loudly, or he'll hear you.)

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