Smash recap: Mama, I'm a Big Girl Now

The cast prepares for Ronnie's big concert, Ronnie tries to shake up her good girl image, and Jimmy struggles to pen a breakthrough song
Ep. 04 | Aired Feb 26, 2013

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST It's a matter of time before Jimmy surprises Karen by giving her her very own library. Or a bar with a stage in it.


Cut to Jimmy, who's too high to respond to Kyle's siren song. He's not, however, too high to find his Angel of Music in the alley behind the theater. Karen tries to educate Jimmy about the benefits of rejection, which is so sexy that Jimmy has no choice but to kiss her on the mouth. It's a scene that might actually have been sweet, if there were any reason besides Jeremy Jordan's obvious charisma to like or care what happens to Jimmy. In any case, things are only going to get better for the ex-Newsie -- thanks to Tom, who has grudgingly told Derek that though the kid's a dick, the song he wrote for Ronnie is actually pretty good.

After flaring her neck frills at Peter and shrieking at him some more -- his play sucks! His face is a fart! He should go back to his home on Dramaturg Island! -- Julia calms down enough to have a few glasses of wine with her collaborator. During their day-drinking session, the playwright finally realizes that one of Peter's students had a point -- Bombshell's men are more fully developed characters than Marilyn is. (Given that we've seen about zero percent of the show's non-musical scenes, we'll just have to take her word for it.) That gives Julia a brilliant idea: "I’ve been trying to make the show about Marilyn, when it’s really about how men saw her! Every scene should be from a man’s point of view!" Right on, lady! Boys rule, girls drool!!

Momager Cynthia is shocked, shocked when Ronnie emerges right before the concert wearing a perfectly appropriate spaghetti strap dress. Ronnie stops short of giving a Gypsy-esque "Mama, look at me now! I'm a star!" speech, but she does tell her very own Mama Rose that she loves Derek's work -- and to sit back, because "it's going to be quite a show."

And quite a show it is, from Ronnie's sexed-up take on "I Got Love" to her rousing closing number, a power ballad called "I Can't Let Go" -- a.k.a. Jimmy's new song. It's perfectly suited to Jennifer Hudson's enormous voice, though I'm not sure how "fresh" the tune really is; all in all, it sort of reminds me of the adult contemporary version of a Disney ballad that plays during an animated movie's closing credits. Still, the crowd goes wild, Cynthia included. And when Ronnie takes her final bows, she charitably invites Jimmy and Kyle to come onstage and bask in the audience's adoration. For someone who's still rolling on ecstasy, that's got to be sort of terrifying.

Hooray, everything's great! And as the icing on the cake, Eileen calls Bombshell's creative team into her office to let them know that the show can officially go to Broadway after all. Drinks in the face for everyone! There's just one catch: Since she admitted to knowing that Bartender Nick's money was acquired through criminal means, Eileen isn't allowed to produce the show. Instead, Evil Jerry will be taking over his ex-wife's duties. "I know he's the world's worst human being, but he's a very good producer," she quips, trying to make the most of a crappy situation.

NEXT: And you'll never guess who's behind Eileen's misfortune. (Trick question: You'll guess it immediately)

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