Smash recap: And I Am Telling You I'm Not Revising

Eileen brings in a dramaturg to work on Bombshell's troubled book; unfortunately, he and Julia get along like Sharks and Jets
Ep. 03 | Aired Feb 19, 2013

WAS IT GOOD FOR YOU? Fun fact: A constant loop of this scene plays inside Karen's head at all times.

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So really, these guys aren't writing the next Rent -- they're writing "A Star Is Born plus Hamlet with a bit of Romeo and Juliet" thrown in, according to Derek. Wait -- Hamlet? Kyle adds that it's also got elements of "Moulin Rouge, Gaga, [and] JT LeRoy." Jimmy says that it's actually none of these things, because he is a perfect unique snowflake who doesn't need anybody, or anything, or any other works of art to inspire him. All he needs is copious amounts of marijuana! In any case, Derek is intrigued -- and it looks like now the real work on Smash's second original musical has begun.


- In a curious move, NBC decided to bundle season 2's first, second, and fourth episodes together on a screener, skipping "The Dramaturg" entirely (probably because next week's episode ends with a show-stopping Jennifer Hudson number). I can sort of see why they wouldn't want reviewers to judge the show's new season based on this episode.

- We also got our first glimpse at a staged Hit List song tonight. Was it just me, or did Karen's performance of "Good for You" seem a lot like a clip from a past season of American Idol?

- More proof that Smash works best when it turns into Tom and Julia, Just Pallin' Around -- the two of them trying to be incognito while wearing sunglasses was a delightful but brief highlight tonight.

- Hey, remember when it was heavily implied that Julia was pregnant with Michael Swift's baby?

- And hey, did you know that Jimmy and Kyle like to drink and smoke pot?

- Julia's harsh, completely unfounded opinion of Peter: "North Korea is more collaborative."

- In Smash's fictional world, the late, great Madeline Kahn got nominated for a Featured Actress Tony for playing Cecile in the original production of Liasons. In real life, Kahn nabbed four Tony nominations -- and one win -- all for Best Actress in a play or musical.

- According to Ivy, Next to Normal's Jenn Damiano and On a Clear Day You Can See Forever's Jessie Mueller were also up for the part of Cecile. Better luck next time, ladies!

- Eileen has no patience for Julia's whining about Peter; "I'm juggling chainsaws here" she snaps when the lyricist shows up in her office to complain. Point: Eileen. (Actually, Eileen gets all the points, always.)

- Ivy's original, snarky assessment of pure and sweet Cecile -- "She sounds like Karen Cartwright" -- made me snort.

- Wait, JFK and RFK killed Marilyn Monroe? Which history books has Julia been reading?

Next week will bring Veronica Moore's big concert and some big Karen/Jimmy developments, if that sort of thing is your bag. But first, let's talk turkey (lurkey time): Did "The Dramaturg" entertain, or do you think it could have used a script doctor?

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