Smash recap: Get Martyr

In which we learn that every tragic event has a silver lining -- even a promising young talent's untimely death
Ep. 14 | Aired May 4, 2013

VIENNA'S STILL WAITING Here's to what might have been, guys.

Will Hart/NBC


- So wait, does this mean that Jimmy is back in Hit List for good... and poor Sam is out of a job once again?

- Performers possibly up for Best Actress in a Musical in Smash's world: Kate Baldwin from Seesaw, Jennifer Damiano from Beauty Queen, Audra McDonald from The House of Something (Flowers?), Laura Osnes from Oliver!, and Ivy and Karen, naturally.

- Performers possibly up for Best Featured Actress in a Musical, even though Eileen apparently doesn't know that's what it's called: Victoria Clark from Beauty Queen, Leigh Conroy from Bombshell, Ivy from Liaisons, and Katie Finneran, Patina Miller, and Chita Rivera (who is 80 years old, holy crap) in shows whose names I didn't catch.

- Oo, Ivy and her mother may compete for the same Tony! Ivy brings up how weird this would be; Leigh answers, "That's right, it would be embarrassing to beat my own daughter."

- Also, you're going to the trouble of bringing Bernadette Peters back -- but you only show us about five seconds of a Bombshell number she's in? For shame, show. For shame.

- Tom, by the way, is dissolving his and Julia's partnership just so that she can do what she wants with Gatsby without having to run every decision by him. Does this mean there's hope for their friendship yet?

- You know Jerry's a dick because he pronounces the word "advertisement" as "adver-tisment," even though he's American. Also, we're back to Eileen tossing drinks in his face? Has Smash gone full circle or what?

- Karen tells Jimmy that she didn't sleep with Derek because she's in love with Jimmy. Derek claims the same thing to Ivy, subbing her name in for Jimmy's. Are they both telling the truth?

- And either way, Ivy seems to be done with Derek, because he "will always have a Karen;" a sobering thought.

- Next week on Smash, it's... the same set of previews we saw at the end of last week's episode! Yeah, NBC has definitely stopped trying.

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