Smash recap: Crash

'Hit List''s prospects aren't looking good, thanks to Jimmy's erratic behavior -- but a last-minute accident could change everything
Ep. 13 | Aired Apr 27, 2013

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- Tonight's other quasi-big development: After Ivy refuses to answer any of his calls, Derek walks Karen home and perhaps finally sleeps with her. Guys, I say this with all sincerity: You two deserve each other.

- Sup, Kathie Lee Gifford in a Marilyn wig? Did you guys know that the host of Today's fourth hour has written a number of musicals, including one called Key Pin It Real that features a lead character named Key Pin?

- In Smash's world, Bombshell's greatest current Tony competitors are musical versions of Moonstruck (starring Marisa Tomei, who just broke her leg) and Imitation of Life (which, according to Agnes, is DOA), as well as an unnamed Andrew Lloyd Webber stinkbomb.

- But even though the way is clear and the light is good, Eileen isn't resting. Come on, lady -- you've got to realize that making Ivy perform at the Brighton Beach Senior Center will not help you secure any awards.

- Does anyone else think that Hit List's backstage area looks exactly like Kyle and Jimmy's apartment? I was seriously confused about why that auditioner went all the way to Greenpoint before I realized we were still supposed to be at the Manhattan Theater Workshop Club.

- Also, was it just my screener, or was the lip synching in "Don't Let Me Know" -- Karen and Jimmy's sad Hit List duet -- particularly poor? Karen's voice sounded like it was coming through a filter or something.

- A sample of Hit List's "edge": The show opens with a recording of a woman who instructs the audience that they're welcome to leave their phones on. "Record the show in its entirety, for all we care!" she continues. "We don't own it any more than you do!" Far out, man!

- And another: At one point, dancers use a bunch of iPads to construct a giant picture of Karen's face. Real groundbreaking stuff here.

- By the end of the episode, Bombshell's sales are up -- but Eileen seems like she might consider producing Hit List anyway. Will Kyle's death be just the push she needs?

- On second thought, maybe Kyle doesn't die. The preview -- like Hit List's final song -- seemed awfully jaunty.

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