Smash recap: Crash

'Hit List''s prospects aren't looking good, thanks to Jimmy's erratic behavior -- but a last-minute accident could change everything
Ep. 13 | Aired Apr 27, 2013

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Tom and Juila's platonic marriage isn't the only thing that's in trouble. Bombshell tickets are selling, but not briskly enough to keep the show open through Tony season. To make matters worse, Eileen and Kickass Agnes -- hey, someone else to add to my shortlist of likeable characters! -- have just learned that a ton of big-name producers will the attending that night's performance of Hit List. And if the show transfers to Broadway, it could sink Bombshell's Tony chances.

What Eileen and Agnes don't know, though, is that Hit List's leading man has been a grade-A mess ever since The Magical Karen Cartwright (her Christian name) decided to embrace her inner Mary J Blige. He's leaving the theater wearing his costume (which, to be fair, looks just like his normal clothes); he's sleeping around and staying out all night, possibly at Brother Adam's Den of Iniquity; he shows up late and wasted to a big photoshoot, costing the show the cover of New York magazine. Suddenly, Jimmy's starting to look like a pretty good match for Season 1 Hot Mess Ivy.

It is only at this point that Derek decides it might be a good idea to cast an understudy for the role of Jesse. Dude, it's an Off-Broadway show, not a high school play. Anyhow, there just happens to be a great guy available for the part: Sam, who comes to the audition wearing The Pale Striped Scarf of Broken Dreams. Jimmy, predictably, throws a big fat temper tantrum, stopping just short of demanding that Derek placate him with Gummy Gumballs and Chewy Chompers. Derek, bless his heart, responds by telling Jimmy that if he screws things up at that night's show, Sam will replace him for good.

Naturally, Jimmy follows up this talking-to by ducking into the theater just ten minutes before that night's performance. He grabs a bag of drugs right before he goes onstage, then proceeds to screw things up at every turn -- missing his entrances, ignoring his blocking, randomly wandering through hordes of anemone-dancers. It's not quite as disruptive as Ivy's infamous (and apparently long-forgotten) onstage meltdown at Heaven on Earth -- but it does result in Karen getting a minor injury when Jimmy isn't there to catch her after she's shot by The Diva at the end of the show.

By the time Ghost Karen ascends to the Heaviside Layer in Hit List's big finale, it's clear that Jimmy's gotta go. (But as that shot of him during a quick change proved, at least he'll have his bountiful muscles to keep him company.) Kyle, a glutton for punishment who perhaps doesn't realize he's been freed, says that he'd like the be the one who informs Jimmy that he's being fired. Maybe the elf is simply looking for material for his next show, The Asshole Cometh.

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