Smash recap: A Night to Remember

Relationships begin, end, and spin their wheels as Bombshell finally opens on Broadway
Ep. 12 | Aired Apr 20, 2013

HERE'S TO THE LADIES WHO LUNCH And to those who are still watching Smash.

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- Julia thinks that Gulliver’s Travels, Lord of the Flies, the poetry of Ezra Pound, and The Very Hungry Caterpillar would all make great musicals. Was she just reading titles off of a stoner English major’s bookshelves or what?

- I would watch an entire series about that snooty British dude who was bad-mouthing Ivy after Bombshell’s last preview: “She’s been knocking around the ensemble for yeahs!”

- On-again/off-again Karen/Jimmy appear to be off again this week, for those keeping score at home.

- Jimmy, while trying to decide what to wear for the opening: “I don’t want to look like a jerk.” Everyone else, in unison: “Too late!”

- How much does it cost to repair a friendship? The answer, when it comes to Great Gatsby first editions: up to $189,000.

- Ana is wearing The Scarf of Hard but Necessary Truths when she tells Karen about Jimmy’s sordid past. Could this mean everyone's favorite accessories are slowly getting integrated back into Smash?

- You’ve got to love that 42nd Street-inspired pep talk Leigh gave Ivy right before the curtain rose. “You’re going out there a reformed pill-popping mess with massive insecurity issues, but you’ve got to come back a star!”

- So Tom’s review wasn’t good enough to secure him the City of Angels gig, and Julia’s gearing up to write her own Gatsby play. Clearly, then, he and Kyle are destined to collaborate. I can see it now: Kyle will move the index cards around, while Tom will do everything else.

- Your Weekly Moment of Bobby: When Ivy and Karen sing about the “drama we’ve seen,” Bombshell’s greatest chorus member points to himself. He is a national treasure.

- During their bathroom heart-to-heart, Karen agrees when Ivy’s half-jokingly asks her not to do a Broadway show this season. Think this will matter at all when Karen finds out about Derek and Scott’s ultimate plans for Hit List?

- I know she was supposed to mean this in a kind way, but I still snickered when Ivy toasted Karen, saying that she "wouldn't be here" without her. It was like Jamie Foxx earnestly thanking Will Smith for passing on Django.

- And finally, let's talk "Don't Forget Me": Whose version do you prefer, Iowa's or the chorus girl's?

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