Smash recap: Broadway Bares

Bombshell gets a preview, Hit List gets a rave review, and Ivy gets naked
Ep. 11 | Aired Apr 13, 2013

THROW YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR And wave 'em like you just don't care [about keeping your clothes on while onstage].

Will Hart/NBC

- Thing I learned tonight: You can show a human butt on NBC. This shouldn't be surprising in our post-NYPD Blue age, but I was sort of shocked by it all the same.

- Wait, there's an 8-year-old Norma Jeane in Bombshell now? Why have we never seen her, and why did we only learn of her existence tonight?

- Kyle's big Jimmy kiss-off, for your reading pleasure: "I know this might be really hard for you to believe, but I’m good at this now. It’s the right idea. So you can bitch all you want -- I don’t care anymore." [drops mic] Sure, the effect is mitigated by the fact that he and Jimmy make up at the end of the episode, but I'm still very glad that this happened.

- In a truly Mama Rose-esque turn, Leigh is all for Ivy going topless onstage. After all, you've gotta get a gimmick.

- After another swing is picked to perform over him, Sam officially leaves Bombshell, telling Tom that he'd rather be unemployed. Ouch. Now who will tell us about the sports?!

- At least we've still got precious, precious Bobby: "Theah's nothing quite like live theatah!"

- I still hate "Dig Deep," but I do like Julia's idea to have the cast perform it while crawling through the audience. To make it even more fun, imagine that all the ensemble members are actually Gollum.

- Karen: "Did you give me Marilyn because of my talent or because you wanted to sleep with me?" Derek, not even bothering to try to sound convincing: "Your talent."

- Your full Dick Whitman update: Jimmy Collins isn't Jimmy Collins's real name, and he doesn't have a Social Security number, and Slim Shady is apparently still looking for him. Also, Slim may or may not hook up with Ana. Oo, maybe he'll also get her a job at the Cat Scratch Club.

- The moment Richard decisively revealed himself to be a grade-A sh--: "Bombshell is on the cover of the arts section, just like you wanted!"

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