Smash recap: Broadway Bares

Bombshell gets a preview, Hit List gets a rave review, and Ivy gets naked
Ep. 11 | Aired Apr 13, 2013

THROW YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR And wave 'em like you just don't care [about keeping your clothes on while onstage].

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Though Karen and Ana's friendship may be a shambles, Hit List is, well, a hit -- at least, in Richard Francis's all-important eyes. When the metaphorical curtain drops, he heads off to write the world's most quickly-composed feature article. (Did Jimmy share some of his magical composing dust or what?) Tom Collins Scott, meanwhile, heads to Broadway to see the second act of Bombshell, which, against all odds, has come together in time for Preview Day.

The bad news: For some reason, "Dig Deep" didn't get cut as soon as Rebecca Duvall made her exit, pursued by a peanut. The good news: Everything else about the show seems to be going smoothly. The creative team is a little disappointed when Ivy decides to keep the girls covered in "Our Little Secret" -- but they're delighted when they see what she's done with JFK and Ms. Monroe's morning after scene.

Bombshell's script has the president kiss Marilyn, then dismiss her as "not exactly first lady material." (Anyone else having flashbacks to Legally Blonde: The Musical?) Ivy throws in an additional wrench when her Marilyn asks JFK to come back to bed -- then drops the sheet she's wrapped around herself, giving the audience the Full Monty after all. Thematically, it's much more meaningful for Marilyn to get naked at this point in the show (something something vulnerability something something)... especially since JFK still ends up leaving her in the end.

Everybody's happy with how the preview went -- but even so, Tom can't help obsessively Googling to see what people are saying about his show. And that's when he discovers Richard Francis's big article: a feature that raves about Hit List and slags on Bombshell, saying that the latter show "rakes over the past" while the former "opens our eyes to the present, and the inevitable future." Perhaps worst of all, Richard posits that Julia is more invested in Hit List than she is in Bombshell, because he spotted her at Scott's theater while Tom was working on getting Marilyn and co. ready for previews. This is news to Tom, who didn't even know that Julia was serving as an informal dramaturg. We will soon learn that "dramaturg" is actually an ancient Sanskrit word that translates roughly to "destroyer of worlds."

And so even though the gang at Hit List is ecstatic over the article, the episode ends with a bunch of breakups (or at least major breaks). Richard and Eileen, obviously, are through. Julia and Tom could be done as well. Even Jimmy and Karen seem to be on the outs, though this has nothing to do with backstage dramz; she's upset that he still hasn't told her the truth about his past. (Clearly, Jimmy believes that what happens in Korea stays in Korea.)

But there's one couple that appears to be on solid ground, despite the plaintive wails a certain starlet must be able to hear even from her perch inside the television: "Ivy!!! Nooooo! What, what, what are you doing?!" That's right: Derek and Marilyn the First are back on. 'Scuse me while I roll my eyes.

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