Sleepy Hollow recap: The Death Trap

The tale of Paul Revere gets tweaked, and Ichabod discovers a new nemesis: bottled water
Ep. 07 | Aired Nov 11, 2013

DEATH BECOMES HIM Cold shoulder, hot hand. Good thing Headless has no central nervous system!

Brownie Harris/Fox

Doughnut Holes

- This entire section could easily be nothing more than a collection of Ichabod quotes. Here, for instance, is how he begins a voicemail for Abbie -- "Dear Miss Mills: I trust this aural missive finds you well."

- And here he is responding with real confusion when Abbie says she's got good news and bad news, then asks which he'd like to hear first: "Is this a riddle?"

- Oh, and upon seeing a museum employee drinking from a bottle of water: "Were you charged for that water? My God, it should be an inalienable right! Where do the courts fall on this?"

- And finally, a slightly more poignant one -- Abbie remarks that living on when everyone Crane knows has been dead for centuries "must be heard." Ichabod, drily: "It's an adjustment."

- That said, John Cho also got a few good lines: "Rumors of my demise have been... pretty much true."

- Abbie tells Ichabod that tap water has arsenic in it. Sure, maybe -- but only at a rate of .010 parts per million. There's cyanide in apple seeds; would she advise Crane to stop eating fruit, too?

- Abbie's ex and fellow cop Luke Morales clearly still has feelings for her, but decides to take a step back (read: can't stop shaking and freaking out at work) after John Cho tells him to stay away from the witness. It's probably for the best; Abbie deserves better than a guy who still carries a flip phone.

- Terrible ad placement alert! Right after the scene that revealed those ghastly Mason-o'-lanterns, Fox aired a Jeep commercial that started with this voiceover: "When you came into this world, you tumbled in head first." Eeeesh.

- Erm, where did Ichabod get the horse he rode so gloriously through the cemetery?

- And on a similar note: Is Headless's horse indestructible as well? How come nobody ever tries attacking it? Don't think of it as animal cruelty; we're talking about an evil quadruped of death here, not Black Beauty.

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