Sleepy Hollow season finale recap: A Horseman of a Different Color

You think you know from crazy finales? Well, you ain't seen nothing yet
Ep. 12 | Aired Jan 20, 2014


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Hold onto your butts, kiddos, because now is when things really start coming to a head. Abbie fends off Moloch and finds herself stumbling upon a safe haven -- a replica of the dollhouse she once shared with Jenny, occupied by the two actresses who play Abbie and Jenny the Younger. Lil' Abbie explains that she and Lil' Jenny are memories -- specifically, the memories of what really happened the night the Mills sisters first encountered Moloch.

So what really happened? We'll get to that right after we check in with Jenny, who has followed her nose to an abandoned church. The sanctuary's name has been written on a wooden sign that somebody has ripped off and attempted to bury... but once Jenny reads it, she realizes how much danger Abbie and Ichabod are actually in. She races to her car and leaves Abbie a harried voicemail: "I figured out Moloch's warning. 'The saint's name is a sign' -- he meant it literally! So whatever you do, you can't trust--"

CRASH. Headless busts the window out Jenny's car, then shoots one of her tires, which somehow causes the entire vehicle to flip over and over. It lands upside down -- with a definitely unconscious and possibly dead Jenny still inside.

If you thought that was nuts, just wait 'til you see what happens next: Katrina, Ichabod, and Henry travel to the spot where Moloch is supposed to raise the second Horseman. But for some reason, Katrina's binding spell isn't working. What's the big idea? Why hasn't the Horseman arrived yet? Cue Henry Parrish, with an unmistakably evil note in his voice: "It's here, I assure you." Bum-bum-buuuum!

So much for being [John] noble: Henry is actually the Horseman of War, and he's been pulling our heroes' strings all along. The discovery of the map, the trip to Purgatory, the separation of the Witnesses, Katrina's reentry to the real world -- all were pieces of Henry's master plan. Now he's unstoppable, and finally able to reveal the real reason he's got such a crazy vendetta against Katrina and Crane: His true identity is Jeremy, a.k.a. the son Katrina gave away and Ichabod never knew. Go ahead and spend the next few minutes gasping in shock; I'll be right here when you're finished.

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