Sleepy Hollow recap: Rue'd Awakening

A nasty demon possesses a passel of Sleepy stars in turn, including the adorable Amandla Stenberg
Ep. 11 | Aired Jan 13, 2014

MOVE ALONG, NOTHING TO SEE HERE Just a no-nonsense lieutenant walking down the street, chatting on speakerphone as her 280-something-year-old pal strides alongside her. Regular people! Regular stuff!

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From here on out, it's basically smooth sailing. We get one more scene of a tortured Irving nearly getting through to the daughter underneath the demon before Ancitif resurges with a vengeance. Luckily, the baddie is distracted enough not to notice when a sneaky Ichabod lays down a salt half-circle. The sisters Mills arrive then and goad the ignorant demon into approaching the line; once he's on its edge, Ichabod can easily complete the salt circle, break out Benjamin Franklin's lantern, and finally banish Ancitif back to the pits of Tartarus or whatever. Just like that, Macey's gone from demonic back to angelic. The Irvings embrace; the Millses embrace; Crane looks mighty cozy in his cabinet hiding place.

And what's more, at some point after the excitement dies down, Crane realizes that the secrets within Washington's bible are actually written in an invisible ink that can be drawn out with a simple potion of lemon juice, baking soda, and water. We're left with a glowing message that reads "December 18, 1799," apparently written in the first president's own hand... even though Washington himself supposedly died December 14 of that year. The plot, she thickens!

Doughnut Holes

- Line of the night, obviously: "One sign of the impending apocalypse is surely skinny jeans."

- Shipper bait alert: Ichabod "hoisting" Abbie to get the lantern.

- Irving: "Why did George Washington's bible get buried with you?" Crane: "One of the many mysteries surrounding it." That's really Sleepy Hollow in a nutshell, isn't it?

- Serious kudos must go to the show's effects team. All too often, small-screen FX can look unfortunately janky; that certainly wasn't the case tonight.

- Slightly cheesier: Every time we see a scene from Ancitif's point of view, the camera switches to the Fisheye Lens of the Damned.

- Jenny becomes even more endearing when we learn that her car is filled with garbage. TV Characters: They're Just Like Us!

- Props for the writers using the demon as a vessel to tap into some real emotions -- Irving's guilt over his daughter's accident, Jenny and Abbie's uneasy relationship -- but I'm still not sure if I care as much about Irving family drama as Sleepy wants me to.

- The head Prepper is just like your high school history teacher: He'll give an automatic gold star to anyone who can recognize Jonathan Edwards' "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God."

- Ancitif: "Seven years ago I invaded you." Jenny: "That was a long time ago." Ancitif, if he had been feeling bitchy: "Yeah, I know. Seven years. I literally just told you that."

- Next week: Sleepy season one goes out with a bang. Sample line you'll be quoting all hiatus long -- "There is no cell phone service in hell."

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