Sleepy Hollow recap: Rue'd Awakening

A nasty demon possesses a passel of Sleepy stars in turn, including the adorable Amandla Stenberg
Ep. 11 | Aired Jan 13, 2014

MOVE ALONG, NOTHING TO SEE HERE Just a no-nonsense lieutenant walking down the street, chatting on speakerphone as her 280-something-year-old pal strides alongside her. Regular people! Regular stuff!

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Irving dutifully informs Abbie and Ichabod of this newest threat before bringing both Macey and his estranged wife Cynthia to a secluded safe house, which bears a decent resemblance to Sheriff Corbin's own cabin. I'm convinced we're about three episodes away from learning that any or all of these homes were actually built by Abraham Lincoln. Anyhow, this place has everything: bottomless ice cream, board games, ample study space for young science prodigies, surveillance cameras, and police protection courtesy of detectives Luke Morales and Devon Jones. Except Devon's looking just a liiittle blank-eyed and soul-eaty. Uh oh.

Meanwhile, Ichabod and Abbie's research turns up one of Corbin's home videos. Some people tape birthday parties and graduations; others tape exorcisms. No big deal. Wait, strike that: This is a big deal. Because the recording reveals that the last time Ancitif stopped by Sleepy Hollow, he made his home within someone we've come to know and love -- Jenny Mills. Well, you don't get guns like that by not fighting off demonic possession.

According to the video, Ancitif is a particularly nasty specimen who speaks in a booming bass and sneers at religious iconography -- though he also may have hypertension, since Crane and Abbie discover that he's unable to cross over a barrier made of salt. Seriously, though, these flashbacks of Jenny possessed are wonderfully creepy; it's nice to see Sleepy briefly ditch historical mumbo-jumbo in favor of straight-up well done horror.

The creepiest thing of all, however, is what Jenny reluctantly tells Ichabod after he and Abbie try to enlist her help: Ancitif possessed her on and off for years, doing his damndest to try to force Jenny to murder her own sister. His semi-constant presence even explains Jenny's impressive criminal record; every time she started hearing his voice in her head once more, she'd break the law in order to get locked up and thus taken far away from Abbie. Geez, no wonder they've been estranged.

Now, though, the sisters Mills are working together to put a stop to Ancitif once and for all -- and thanks to the magic of modern remote controls, they might have just figured out how. A pinch of rewinding, a dash of playing the tape's audio backwards, and boom, there you have it: Ancitif is name-checking himself in ancient Aramaic. Which Ichabod instantly recognizes and deciphers. Naturally.

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