Sleepy Hollow recap: Just Me and My Golem

The fate of Ichabod's son is revealed; Moloch delivers a (terrifying) threat
Ep. 10 | Aired Dec 9, 2013

ICHA-DAD The truth hurts, and Ichabod learns this the hard way this week as it is revealed that his sons had a troubled past and troubling end.

Brownie Harris/FOX

That very well could have marked the end of a fantastic episode, but it wouldn't be SH without a WTF moment, and this one set us up for quite an exciting January: At the end of the episode, after Henry took off to catch his train, Ichabod had an encounter with Moloch in the other realm. It was here that Moloch delivered an ominous threat: "I touched her soul once. Soon it will be mine forever... and you will give it to me."


+ If this is going to be a trend, should I start a 'F--- yeah, Ichabod With An Ax' Tumblr?

+ "6,000 little Ichabods..." -- Abbie (#agirlcandream)

+ "If God has a plan, who's it for? Me or him?" (Orlando Jones, you gave me chills.)

+ "Without books, we have neither a past nor a future." -- Ichabod. (Book nerds, I present your new headline!)

+ THIS CONVERSATION! Ichabod: "I'm still reconciling today's language and its advancements. For example, in my era, a toilet was a vanity cabinet. Intercourse meant simply, social conversation. Awful meant awe-inspiring." Abbie: "So if I went out with a guy and we had awful intercourse, we'd be going on a second date?" Ichabod: "Disconcerting, yet accurate."

+ "What hellish form of torment is this?" -- Ichabod, re: a funhouse mirror. (I hate those, too.)

+ "When did irony become a national past time?" -- Ichabod. (I blame Buzzfeed.)

+ "We never really bury the dead, son. Not really. We take them with us; it's the price of living." -- Henry (#allthetears)

+ "You embroidered my name on some oversized hosiery. How odd." -- Ichabod to Abbie (Would it be weird if I hung a stocking for Ichabod on my mantel this Christmas? Actually, not asking for me. Asking for a friend...)

+ Your regular recapper, Hillary, will be back in January! Thanks for letting me sub.

Now, don't just sit there and gongoozle your butts off. Tell me what you think about the episode.

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