Sleepy Hollow recap: Just Me and My Golem

The fate of Ichabod's son is revealed; Moloch delivers a (terrifying) threat
Ep. 10 | Aired Dec 9, 2013

ICHA-DAD The truth hurts, and Ichabod learns this the hard way this week as it is revealed that his sons had a troubled past and troubling end.

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The search for the Golem eventually led the team to a carnival, where the veiled members of the coven were gathered. Because the Golem was getting revenge upon everyone who harmed Jeremy, he'd gone after them. In any other case, Ichabod surely wouldn't have minded a little help taking them out -- because they're EVIL -- but Ichabod believed that if they were powerful enough to put Katrina in purgatory, they could also bring her back so she could help the gang battle Moloch.

Now, carnivals are inherently the creepiest places on Earth, and I think setting the encounter with the razor-teethed Witches of Beast End was a great but ultimately traumatizing choice. (Thanks for the nightmares, show; there will be no sleeping tonight thanks to Sleepy.) Nevertheless, this proved to be an information-packed exchange. The witches told Ichabod that they had at one pointed offered to help Jeremy control his Golem, but he refused and "chose to be alone with his Golem." ("He was afraid," defended Ichabod. "The creature was his only means of defense.") And once Jeremy rejected the witches' offer, they decided to eliminate both him and his Golem. They sent the latter to purgatory and Jeremy was put under a hex to stop his heart.

Even though Ichabod accused them of murder, I feel like there has to be some sort of loophole, right? I don't entirely believe his son is gone forever. But that's just a guess/hope. We'll find out eventually, I suppose.

Meanwhile, the Golem finally showed up. (Did ya crawl there, G?) And he quickly killed the coven and almost killed Ichabod and Abbie. But Ichabod stabbed it just in time with a piece of mirror that had his blood on it. (Only Jeremy's blood could stop the Golem and since Ichabod is his dad... you get where I'm going.)

Before he did, though, he made peace with the creature, thanked him for watching over Jeremy, and even tried to get it to stand down. ("I owe you my life," he said.) In the end, the Golem could not conceive the idea of letting go enough to stop his rampage. What I truly loved was that even after Ichabod delivered the fatal blow, he knelt by it and comforted the creature. "You've endured enough pain. Endure it no more. Be at peace." Now, can someone explain why I was crying OVER A MONSTER?!

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