Teen Wolf recap: Little Show of Horrors

Teen Wolf returns to what it does best: incorporating classic Hollywood horror with classic MTV humor
Ep. 03 | Aired Jul 7, 2014


The boys have, according to Stiles, smaller fish to fry as it is. A few murders in Beacon Hills are hardly cause to cancel lacrosse tryouts, especially when there’s a transfer student in town with supernatural-like abilities, inside an average human kid: He’s just that good. Stiles’ face reaches new levels of elasticity as he watches Liam (Dylan Sprayberry, an actual 16-year-old) own the field, inching closer and closer to Scott’s captain territory, up for grabs due to his drop in academics while his best friend was possessed by an evil spirit and his first true love was dying. High school is tough!

But Liam isn’t a were-cheetah; no matter why he lied about getting kicked out of his last school, it probably wasn’t because he was trapped in the body of a cheetah for eight years and had trouble assimilating with his peers. That is the case for everyone’s favorite Big Spoon, though. Say what you will about Teen Wolf replacing love interests with more love interests—and you should, you should say all of those things—but they sure do find some charming actresses to play them. I don’t understand exactly how Malia’s human immersion allows for dirty dancing and twin bed make outs, and ends at Pre-Cal, but I know Shelley Hennig is playing the hell out of a confused and annoyed, if not exactly feral, teenage girl. Her expressions as she takes on Kira’s feelings about the lacrosse tryouts while not fully understanding why said far more about her animal instincts than the writing Malia has thus far.

But when we fear for the confused teenage girls of Teen Wolf, might we simply look at the development of Lydia: from former in-the-dark genius human to current genius banshee, wandering around a deserted house in a mini skirt with a grown man. Okay, that last bit is nothing new, but Lydia’s banshee prowess continues to develop, and the mysterious Deputy Parrish finds her wandering around Sean’s family’s house, seemingly a little late on the sensing-a-murder draw. Parrish doesn’t seem concerned with Lydia’s predilection for sniffing out the dead—even more reason to assume that some sort of elongated canine and jewel-tone eye will be adorning his face in the very near future—nor spending this much one-on-one time with a 17-year-old girl inside a murder scene. The risk pays off, however, when Lydia senses something behind a wall that turns out to be a hidden game locker full of rows and rows of frozen human bodies.

Because precious orphaned Sean is, oh yeah, a wendigo, presumably from a family of wendigos, who feast on human flesh because they "can’t help it." First, Sean can’t help it with the deputy guarding his room in the hospital, then he attempts to snack on Mama McCall, but Scott is having exactly none of that. He’s already at the hospital after going either full alpha or full McCall in practice, and granting Liam a broken leg. After shaking Scott, Sean tracks Liam down to the roof, ready to have a late supper, but once again, the True Alpha shows up just in time… just in time to have to bite Liam to keep him from falling to his death. Judging by how Liam is very much alive and clutching his wrist at the end of the episode, it looks like the rebuilding of the McCall pack betas has officially commenced.

Episode three turned out to be a strong balance of humor and horror, and while it raised more questions than it answered, rebuilding is a slow process. If Teen Wolf can lay a solid early foundation, then Season 4 could certainly build to something worthy of Scott McCall. But the question remains: Can it make something worthy of losing Allison Argent; something that doesn’t just layer over the past, but builds from it? After a thrilling but disorienting last season of chaotic loss, Season 4 stands to be a story of redemption—let’s just hope we don’t have to sacrifice logic and relationships to believe in it.

Lines of the night: Anything on the lacrosse field, but especially Stiles' "I'm gonna puke, take me somewhere," and Coach's declaration of "Those two are like sons to me," after Scott and Stiles finally act like they’ve done this lacrosse thing before.

And don’t forget: Derek and Peter hiring Braeden the Friendly Mercenary to find Kate and their $117 mil; Derek and Braeden’s faces slowly and angrily inching toward each other over that table of no-way-is-he-ready-for-this-sexual-tension; Stilinski money problems; and, let’s see, how do I put this? Mouthless guy, AKA, definitely The Benefactor, unplugging his neck like a bottle of merlot, running in a tube, pumping up blood/oil/chocolate syrup, and putting out… computer code?

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