Scandal season finale recap: The Scarlet 'O'

Olivia is visited by a figure from her past; David Rosen makes a choice that changes history
Ep. 22 | Aired May 16, 2013

WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT BABY HUCK Original Huck starts to suspect that he's created a monster way too late to do anything about it. And then he chooses to invite Baby Huck (aka Quinn) to his scheduled torture session with Billy Chambers. Olivia is confused about this decision too.

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Huck and Quinn are waiting for Billy back at his beautiful apartment. When he enters and sees them sitting at his table, he tries to run. It's his Count Rugen moment. Silly boy. You can't run from Huck. The only thing that can stop Huck is...Huck. And in the middle of torturing, Huck starts to break down. So...Quinn takes over and drills a goddamn hole into Billy as blood splatters on her face and she screams at him to tell her where the Cytron card is. It is bats--t crazy. Quinn started out as such an innocent and we were happy to see her learning a trade with Huck. But is she turning evil? Or is this a Huck situation where she'll be able to compartmentalize? She REALLY seemed to enjoy using that drill and Huck is clearly guilt-ridden about the monster he's created. FrankenQuinn?

Of course the Gladiators don't yet know about David Rosen. But Abby does some math and figures out that whoever broke into the safe would have needed days to do so (20,736 is a lot of combinations to try). And he's the only one it could be. But David chooses to do the "right" thing. He gave Billy a blank card and used the real evidence to bargain with Cyrus for a job -- the DC District Attorney. David was saved and has been returned to his seat of power and prestige. Now he can quit that high school and get his grownup apartment back. And he left Olivia a recording so that she knew all about Billy's involvement (and his own loyalty).

So what's left? Olivia and Fitz still have to deal with their revelations about each other...namely, the murder. For some reason that's not a deal breaker, but she sees it as her mission to save Fitz, admitting that she took her people too far and that he has the opportunity to "hit the reset button." I don't necessarily understand the logic of Fitz being an easier save, but we'll go with it. She tells him that her gladiators need her. And to think, she probably doesn't even know about FrankenQuinn yet.

And in a jaunty montage we see everyone trying to "reset." Cyrus comedically struggles to break the Cytron card. Fitz uses his superpower on Mellie. David yells at his assistant for coffee. Jake gets tossed into the torture pit (same one that Huck had a breakdown in) by B6-13 thugs and a smiling Rowan hovering over him. And Olivia's gets ready for a run, mind free and happy as ever...that is 'til she opens her apartment door to find a bunch of reporters asking her about her affair with the President. WHO TOLD, GUYS?

Anyway, some dudes push her towards a town car where she sees Rowan, or, as we all already know by now, Dad. She looks surprised and horrified. Cut to black.

"This is not a romance novel. Life is not a romance novel." -Cyrus Beene, MVP of the season, redefining the future of Scandal. Maybe.

And that, Scandalities, is all we get to know till Season 3. Damn these cliffhangers!

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