Scandal season finale recap: The Scarlet 'O'

Olivia is visited by a figure from her past; David Rosen makes a choice that changes history
Ep. 22 | Aired May 16, 2013

WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT BABY HUCK Original Huck starts to suspect that he's created a monster way too late to do anything about it. And then he chooses to invite Baby Huck (aka Quinn) to his scheduled torture session with Billy Chambers. Olivia is confused about this decision too.

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Of course Cyrus stays on the phone to try to manage the Reston crisis in the ambulance. Loved Fitz and Olivia shouting "Cyrus" when they realize what's happening and Cyrus trying to get the medics to shoot the one who took away his phone. Anyway, in the hospital, he and James get to have a sweet moment. Nothing like a death scare to make you forget about that horrible, horrible fight. Maybe these two will be okay after all. But what was that hospital visit from Rowan? Real? An apparition?

Meanwhile, nothing is happening with the Cytron card yet because David Rosen still has it. Apparently him showing up in Billy's car last week wasn't the end. He still recognizes that he has a choice in the matter and goes to far as to refer to Olivia and the Gladiators as his friends. Billy does his best to convince him otherwise, and David slides the Cytron card across the table. Also, apparently Billy killed Osboune (?!), Wendy, and Molly! Does that mean Jake was working with Billy?

Mellie, fresh off some news that her public approval rating is down (because she "aired her dirty laundry on live television"), comes to "visit" Cyrus in the hospital, but really just wants a public moment with Fitz. He's having none of it though, and tells her the elaborate plan to seamlessly weave Olivia into his life without seeming tawdry. It'll involve him dating age-appropriate women for a while and then "reconnecting" with one of his oldest and most trusted friends and falling in love with her. As with many things on Scandal, they could just as easily be talking about a couple of movie stars.

And in one of the scarier moments of the season, Olivia sees her doorknob start to jiggle urgently and then feels a hand come over her mouth. It's Jake! As the fake pastry store/B6-13 woman bursts through the door, gun locked and loaded (I don't know how guns work), Jake shoots her in the head. He takes Olivia back to her office and leaves. He offers one piece of advice: As long as she's in a relationship with POTUS, she's going to be in danger. He also tells her that he's B6-13 which she repeats as though she's heard it before. Jake does that whole "go away, leave, sleeping with you was my mission, I'm not a good guy" thing, but Olivia's not buying it and gives him a kiss goodbye. Jake has risked everything for her, and Olivia at least seems to realize that he's probably a goner. As Harrison says: "Ish just got real."

When Olivia tells Cyrus about the attempt on her life, she says "I know who it was and I know why and I don't care. Fitz and I are going to be together." I assume this means that as soon as Jake said B6-13, she knew her father was involved somehow. Is this for real? Could she know this? What was her childhood like! Anyway, Cyrus tells Olivia and Fitz (separately) that they're both acting like teenagers. He tells her that Fitz killed Verna. And he shows Fitz the tape of her and Jake. Rowan should give Cyrus a gold star.

NEXT: Baby Huck is cutting her teeth and it's messy...

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