Scandal season finale recap: The Scarlet 'O'

Olivia is visited by a figure from her past; David Rosen makes a choice that changes history
Ep. 22 | Aired May 16, 2013

WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT BABY HUCK Original Huck starts to suspect that he's created a monster way too late to do anything about it. And then he chooses to invite Baby Huck (aka Quinn) to his scheduled torture session with Billy Chambers. Olivia is confused about this decision too.

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Mellie is understandably at her wit's end, and Cyrus tries to reassure her that Fitz will choose her in the end, not Olivia. But while this is happening, Olivia and Fitz are discussing their future together in pretty concrete terms. Apparently Fitz wants to marry Olivia immediately and get her into the White House, and he charges her with coming up with a plan. This of course is coming from the man who last week said he wanted to keep her out of it...but I guess things have changed since he decided to run again? Also, nice superpower, President Grant. Once again, this show earns its 10 p.m. spot.

Rowan asks Jake to bring Olivia in for a conversation, while that girl from the pastry store sting operation last week looks on. Jake wants to know his intentions before blindly accepting, and he's warned that this is a job and if he declines, Rowan will know where they stand. Good thing Jake is sitting on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial gazing out over the reflecting pool. He's got some thinking to do.

Olivia and the Gladiators try to figure out what Billy's next move is, figuring he can't out-Defiance himself. He'd need a respectable proxy. All signs point to Samuel Reston, the Governor of Maryland who "lost" the Presidency to Fitz to 4,359 votes. He's the original man scorned by the election rigging and we already know that he's essentially lost his soul (he killed that contractor and let his wife take the blame for it). He'd be perfect. But even though Olivia is sure that they're all already working together, her Gladiators doubt her. They want proof. "You've been wrong before," they remind her. They are right, but it's not necessarily like them to question their boss with such fervor.

In a moment that will come back to haunt him later, Huck pulls Olivia aside to tell her that he's worried about her and Quinn...but mainly Quinn (aka "Baby Huck"). She's getting too good at this kind of work. But Olivia's too distracted with her own stuff to really give it much attention.

Cyrus, meanwhile, is having a tough go of it. He's been trying to keep everything together for so long that it's been visibly wearing on him. He runs from crisis to crisis and seems less concerned lately about saving his shouts. Everything is a shouting matter now. After a stressful meeting with Rowan, Olivia clues him in about Reston. Too bad the President is already in the middle of a meeting with the Governor where he's telling Fitz he knows about Defiance. He says he wants a place on Fitz's re-election ticket. Fitz denies everything. While all this is happening, Cyrus, running to stop this dangerous meeting, grasps his arm and falls to the ground. He has a damn heart attack. DON'T DIE, CYRUS!

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