Scandal recap: A Divorce, a Proposal, and a Conspiracy

Olivia's involvement in rigging the election gets an origin story, and Fitz struggles to resume his Presidency post-coma
Ep. 11 | Aired Jan 17, 2013

HER LIPS ARE SEALED Olivia wants to run a clean election for Fitz, but she also wants him to win. She can't have both. 

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Fitz's dad is clearly wearing him down, and he kind of loses it and starts to yell at a bunch of poor PAs who are prepping the studio before the debate. Olivia clears the room and asks Fitz the question we've all been thinking: "Do you even want this? Or are you just wasting everyone's time and energy and faith and dreams? Why? Why do you want to be President?" Good question, Ms. Pope. Even pre-head trauma, Fitz has been consistently lethargic, lovelorn, and eager to just resign at any given moment.

Back in the present, Cyrus asks Olivia to convince Fitz to cancel his upcoming live press conference. Fitz isn't giving in. "I'm the President. The people deserve to see me to know that I'm in charge." Olivia is convinced fairly easily. Maybe she's just impressed that he's able to string a few sentences together at all and doesn't want to bother him with an argument. "It's going to be great," they both say to Cyrus. Cyrus gives his "well, okayyyyy, but I think you're both nuts" face.

Flashback: Reston takes Prozac, under a fake name -- 16 milligrams a day for the past 20 years. Olivia wants to leak it to the press to distract Reston from his campaign prep. Fitz's dad wants him to integrate the blow into a debate answer and blindside him on live television. Shrewd move, Fitz's dad. Crippling depression is something that should be used for your political advantage.

And then we enter into the dual Fitz on the Podium segments that switch back and forth frequently. At the debate, Fitz chooses to show the people who he is. He doesn't expose Reston's Prozac problem (which...I seems sort of minor? Just Prozac?). He just gives an honest, heartfelt answer -- and he makes Cyrus cry. Fitz's dad is not pleased with the fact that he didn't bring up the drugs. They fight. He dies from a heart attack pretty soon afterwards. Olivia and Cyrus have a hushed conversation, and he convinces her to agree to the election rigging. The fate of The Collective is sealed.

In present day, a White House Correspondent asks him if he's ready to lead. Fitz pauses, everyone looks nervous, and then he assures her that he's never been more ready. Sally Langston even comes to accept Fitz's reinstatement. And they soften her. Nice job, Scandal writers.

The episode concludes with Edison apologizing to Olivia for suggesting that she was the President's mistress and PROPOSING TO HER, and Fitz asking Mellie for a divorce.

So, Scandal watchers, what do you think about Fitz? Do you like a lovelorn President? Do you believe that Olivia and Fitz have an Important Love? Can we trust Edison? What do you think about these flashback episodes? See you all in two weeks!

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