Scandal recap: Black Huck Down

Olivia spends the night with Jake; Fitz and Mellie tell the story of their first date
Ep. 18 | Aired Apr 4, 2013

SOMEBODY'S WATCHING ME After spending the night with Captain Jake, Olivia decides to get a glass of water and watch some television. But, oops! Captain Jake forgot to turn off access to the live feed of her apartment. It's probably super awkward when his buddies come over to catch a football game and accidentally stumble across his weirdly easily accessible security cameras. 

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Abby and David continue to circle around the truth of their feelings and the disappointment of past betrayals. When Abby realizes that the mole is still at large, her first instinct is not only to fear for David's safety, but to immediately run to his side and get him back under the protection of OPA. But even when she admits that she has feelings for him, he shuts her down because she won't admit that she stole his Cytron card. And he echoes the sentiment of basically every lover in Scandal in this episode. He can't love someone he can't trust.

Quinn and Huck have a pretty intense episode, too, but in a completely different way. They're still sleuthing around trying to find out as much about the real Albatross as possible, which brings them to a large warehouse when they discover the fact that Albatross rented a storage unit only a few hours ago. Huck makes Quinn wait in the car while he goes to scope it out. It's a bit of a contrivance that sets up what happens later. Again, I don't think Huck would be that careless, but I did like Quinn's petulant, Matt Damon-in-Ocean's 11-type reaction to being left behind. When Huck goes MIA in the warehouse, Quinn finally gets to do something. On her own. And she nails it, eventually figuring out that the security feed has been altered and finding a battered, shell-shocked Huck locked in a wooden crate.

And then, we get a glimpse of who did this to Huck -- the person who wrecked him more than the waterboarding. We should have seen it coming from a mile away. It was Charlie. And Charlie does whatever Cyrus tells him to. Which just throws everything into question! Again!

Fitz won MVP for this episode, purely because of Tony Goldwyn's ability to shift emotions and complexities on a dime. He even confessed to Cyrus that he killed Verna! It's the first episode in a while where Fitz hasn't been purely awful, and I wonder if it was Mellie's monologue from last week's episode that helped him snap out of it.

So, Scandalites, who ARE we supposed to trust? What is Cyrus doing with Charlie? Who are they working for? Is Jake really there to protect Olivia? What did you all think of the relationship stuff? Mellie and Fitz and James and Cyrus had some really amazing and complicated moments. Is Mellie still invested in Fitz or is it past the point of reconciliation? Do you think Cyrus and James will recover? Finally, what do you think of Cyrus's advice about the truth? Is it something that should be kept from the people they love?

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