Scandal recap: Black Huck Down

Olivia spends the night with Jake; Fitz and Mellie tell the story of their first date
Ep. 18 | Aired Apr 4, 2013

SOMEBODY'S WATCHING ME After spending the night with Captain Jake, Olivia decides to get a glass of water and watch some television. But, oops! Captain Jake forgot to turn off access to the live feed of her apartment. It's probably super awkward when his buddies come over to catch a football game and accidentally stumble across his weirdly easily accessible security cameras. 

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Ballard is still monitoring Olivia's every move, so he unfortunately is the first to hear about it when she and Cyrus have their phone and wine date and she reveals that Osborne was set up. So, like a good soldier, Jake goes straight to Mysterious Bench Man (played by the wonderful Joe Morton) who tells him to take care of it. And because nothing says "taking care of someone who knows too much" like a home-cooked meal, he invites himself over to Olivia's apartment for dinner. Jake slips up and mentions her beautiful kitchen that she never uses, which is enough to give her pause. He gets out of it pretty quickly, but as far as "only xx would know xx" scenarios, the kitchen one is pretty lame.

Olivia decides to pop in on Jake anyway with some GettysBurger (awesome name), right after he's stashed his electrical tape and gun away in a bowling bag. And...well...we're happy to report that Sex Watch is over. All it took was a little sip of light beer and some spontaneity. Too bad it was with Jake and not Fitz, but thankfully they had a little more chemistry this time. That said, it's still hard to root for them while it's happening knowing that Jake is planning on "taking care of it."

And then, finally, Olivia finds out what's going on, and we find out that we never had the full story. In the morning, Olivia grabs a glass of water for herself and decides to turn on the television, only to discover that she's not watching GMA. She's looking at a feed of her apartment. When Jake realizes what's happening, he asks firmly to sit down and explains that he can't let her leave. And they fight. She struggles to get away, but she's no match for a military man. In the struggle, she's pushed back and hits her head on the table, but before she passes out due to the concussion, Jake tells her that he's protecting her. And at that moment we see on the security footage there is a masked man wandering through Olivia's apartment with a gun. Maybe Jake is a good guy!

At the hospital, Jake gives Olivia very specific and very stern advice that she needs to not let on that they know each other just as Fitz (!!) walks in to her hospital room. Oh. My. God. Their. Chemistry. And all Fitz had to say was "hi" and give her a hug. But, Jake saw it too. And judging by his face, he's surprised and a little unhappy.

NEXT: Huckleberry Quinn to the rescue! 

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