Scandal recap: Enemies of the State

David challenges the decision to torture Huck, while Olivia, Cyrus, and Mellie scheme to keep Fitz's Presidency intact
Ep. 10 | Aired Jan 10, 2013

HE IS THE LAW David doesn't have the stomach for waterboarding, and he's not even the one on the table.

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Meanwhile, Olivia's footsoldiers are back at headquarters trying to figure out what they should do for Huck, for Olivia, for anyone. Harrison realizes that this is out of their league. It’s grassy knoll stuff, he says, concluding that they shouldn’t question any of this. But of course then Olivia enters and does her whole “we have a new client” thing and hangs Fitz’s photo on the window. Quinn looks like she’s going to throw up. Nevertheless, Olivia and team go into fixer montage mode set to Sly and The Family Stone’s “M’Lady.” And everyone starts calling in favors. The press is quickly appeased and don’t in fact start asking the “hard questions” that Hollis and Sally hoped they would.

But of course, Cyrus now has to deal with his husband who rightly observes that if Fitz was awake, Cyrus would probably be a little happier.  Because they don’t have a baby yet, he goes back into reporter mode. Cyrus plays hardball, threatening to basically screw up the adoption if James keeps snooping around.

Oh great, more torture. Huck doesn’t look so good. He says he’ll talk, but he wants to talk to the men behind the glass. He wants to know if the President is still alive. They don’t want to answer that. Finally David jumps in and says yes. Huck says that this means that he’s still in danger because “she is still out there.” For some reason they don’t seem to like this answer and start beating him up again. It seemed kind of helpful, right? Anyway, this is David’s breaking point. He tells Olivia he knows where Huck is.

In a flash, Olivia is sitting in the Oval Office with Sally Langston and her cabinet trying to get her to release Huck. She’s not budging till she’s handed Huck’s dossier and reads a “summary on pages four and five” which floors even the unflappable President Langston. WHAT IS ON PAGES FOUR AND FIVE? Anyway, David storms back into the Pentagon and informs the torturers that President Langston has issued an Executive Order to have Huck released.

Cyrus and Olivia get Mellie to agree to transfer Fitz to Camp David. Mellie and Olivia have a little heart-to-heart in their own way. Mellie seems to really need a friend. Olivia tells her to get a grip.

NEXT: Olivia shows where her allegiances lie, as if we had any doubt...

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