Scandal recap: Enemies of the State

David challenges the decision to torture Huck, while Olivia, Cyrus, and Mellie scheme to keep Fitz's Presidency intact
Ep. 10 | Aired Jan 10, 2013

HE IS THE LAW David doesn't have the stomach for waterboarding, and he's not even the one on the table.

Ron Tom/ABC

But when she arrives at the hospital she realizes Fitz still hasn’t woken up. She looks at Mellie and hisses “what did you do?” (Relevant to nothing: Nice casual opera length gloves, Olivia!)

Back in some sort of situation room, President Langston continues to assert her power and wants to show the East Sudanese that the United States is not an appeaser. But before she can hit the red button or however TV Presidents deploy bombs these days, someone comes in to let her know that Fitz is awake.

In the hospital, Olivia starts to explain to Cyrus and Mellie all the reasons it was wrong for them to have forged Fitz’s signature on the letters pleading for reinstatement. She reminds them this is not Nicaragua. Cyrus isn’t buying it. Melly jumps in to defend herself. “We all got into bed with the devil,” she says. The devil, of course, is Hollis. “I broke the law, I broke the Constitution, and I would do it again!” Cyrus and Mellie decide that if Fitz doesn’t wake up, they could just run the country together. Which seems…like a pretty bad idea. It gets worse when Sally Langston calls asking to speak with Fitz. Cyrus, Mellie, and Olivia play the “not me” game. Mellie takes one for the team and fields the phone call. But Sally Langston is no fool -- she knows they’re lying. Even Mellie knows that Sally knows. Uh oh.

David's still hung up on the torture thing. “We’re shredding Constitutional Amendments like confetti." The guy in his office (presumably a high-up government official?) basically launches into the Tom Cruise/Jack Nicholson conversation from A Few Good Men about how civilians basically don't really want to know what has to happen to keep them safe. Nothing is resolved.

NEXT: Olivia Pope takes on a new client, and Perd Hapley cameos as a member of the DC Press

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