Scandal recap: The Severed Ear

Olivia Pope takes on Hollis Doyle as a client; Cyrus does some digging into Fitz's past
Ep. 17 | Aired Mar 28, 2013

THE EYE ROLL Olivia does her best Liz Lemon impersonation -- she's clearly unhappy about what might be her least awesome outfit in all of Scandal history. Don't worry, Liv, sometimes all you have left in your closet are ill-fitting grey pants and a matronly, ladies-who-lunch jacquard blazer.


And finally, on the Fitz front, both Cyrus and Mellie gain an inch by going their own way. Cyrus finds out  that part of the President's file about his service in the Gulf War was redacted, and he uses the opportunity to put Defiance into perspective. Cyrus is proud of Defiance and tells Fitz he should be proud of the things he can't speak of from his time in Iran. "History makes the heroes and the villains," Cyrus says. "You and I? We're just players." If only Cyrus knew about Verna. Anyway, it works, and Fitz loops him into the Osborne situation.

Mellie, on the other hand, tries at first to shield Fitz from the reality of things. He'd planned a weekend with his kids, but they don't want to see him. So she steps in front of it and schemes with his assistant to give him other things to do. But Fitz finds out and isn't having any of it. He scolds Mellie for being cold and for lacking maternal instinct. And even though she concedes, she decides at that moment to tell him the truth. In a really amazing monologue, Mellie tells him that his kids did not want to come because he's changed. He's an awful, cranky, scotch-soaked shell of a person. Fitz has become his father. She blames it on him realizing that Olivia is just a flawed person like everyone else, and not some infallible goddess.

Bellamy Young, you win MVP for this week's episode, with Jeff Perry taking a close second for his "I don't know anything yet, yet, YET." Also, this is the second week without any sex. Scandal. I'm sorry to do this, but you're on Sex Watch.

So Scandalites, what is going on? Did you think the Osborne door was going to close so quickly? Do you feel kind of bad for Hollis, knowing a bit of his background? What do you all think of Quinn as the spy-in-training? Why is Olivia's gut not telling her something is seriously wrong with Ballard? And who is the mystery man? Who does he work for? Is he government? Something else? Talk to us!

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