Scandal recap: The Severed Ear

Olivia Pope takes on Hollis Doyle as a client; Cyrus does some digging into Fitz's past
Ep. 17 | Aired Mar 28, 2013

THE EYE ROLL Olivia does her best Liz Lemon impersonation -- she's clearly unhappy about what might be her least awesome outfit in all of Scandal history. Don't worry, Liv, sometimes all you have left in your closet are ill-fitting grey pants and a matronly, ladies-who-lunch jacquard blazer.


Hollis really dropped off the face of the Scandalverse for a while there. Besides Quinn's lingering revenge itch, I was starting to wonder whether or not he was just gone for good. Even though he might not have paid off Fitz's assassin directly, he's still responsible for some terrible stuff and that thread was definitely left dangling. Plus, I was missing his folksy asides. So, this week, we got him back in a different capacity. He and his ex-wife (one of them) become clients of OPA when they receive a ransom tape of their missing daughter Maebelle -- demanding $20 million for her safe return. (Remember the quaint old days when $1 million seemed like an appropriately high ransom demand?)

In the case of this scandal, things turn out to be exactly as they seem. Maebelle is no innocent, and her father suspects the worst of her. She's been in and out of rehab. She's got a fondness for coke, speed, and pills. And she also loves to hit up her father for money. And Hollis doesn't believe the act for a second -- much to the horror of his ex-wife and the gladiators. But when they receive a severed ear in the mail and video confirmation that Maebelle is in fact earless, Hollis puts his pride and suspicions aside and agrees to help her.

But his cynicism was right in the end. Thanks to Huck's affinity for the way a properly severed ear should look, they realize that she'd done it to herself. David Lynch would be so proud! Maebelle staged an elaborate kidnapping and cut off her own ear to get some money (well, a lot of money). Her parents give her one last shot, but she's the worst person in the world. She takes the money over her family. Poor Hollis! He let down his guard and got burned. (When he tells her to "go on, git!" like a she's a farm dog, I couldn't help but laugh.)

Meanwhile, David Rosen (hey, welcome back David Rosen!) is camping out at OPA headquarters after a mystery man with shiny black shoes broke into his apartment and wrecked the place. And he is a full-on, gross couch crasher. He brushes his teeth in the kitchen sink, he wanders around in his sweats...he basically acts like the little brother of the office. But, he also manages to get into a little debate about whether or not the Maebelle Doyle case should have been reported to the police. Huck tells him what's what. OPA has never lost a client. The police, on the other hand, don't have that track record. Should we call it now? Is David Rosen the natural next addition to the gladiators?

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