Scandal recap: SCOTUS Erectus

President Grant makes an attempt to rescue the Kashfari hostages; Olivia takes the side of a Supreme Court nominee's mistress
Ep. 16 | Aired Mar 21, 2013

ONE BIG UNHAPPY FAMILY Fitz continues shutting out Mellie after her disastrous conference call with the families of the hostages. Can babies sense marital strife? Poor adorable baby Teddy. 

Randy Holmes/ABC

President Fitzgerald Grant is all business in this episode - much to the dismay of Mellie. His first hostage rescue attempt failed and he's made it his personal mission to get them back alive and safely. Fitz was publicly embarrassed with the first failure and Mellie's subsequent conference call with the families, and he needs to regain control of the situation. He's so consumed with the hostages that he barely even has time to think about the Supreme Court nominations - arguably one of the most important responsibilities of a President. SCOTUS openings don't happen for every President and Fitz has had at least two. I mean, this one was because he killed Verna, but still. An opening is an opening. It seemed like he just used the whole situation to further exert his power over Cyrus. Also, was anyone surprised that Sally Langston didn't stop by to claim this spot for her ultra conservative judge?

Jake gives Fitz the files directly. He's assembled a team and is just waiting for the Presidential "go" on the operation. Fitz decides to proceed, only telling Cyrus about it as the helicopters approached the compound, making sure to twist the knife a little bit, adding that the wave of public support will hide the Judge Randall fiasco. Ouch.

The operation works. And it plays out in a really great cut, interspersing footage from the Presidential "we did it!" address to the nation, the raid itself, and Captain Ballard beating the paparazzo to a pulp to get the file from his camera containing the incriminating photo of him and Olivia.

Meanwhile, Quinn and Huck are continuing their stakeout of CIA Director Osbourne. They're trying to find out where he's exchanging money, and Huck's trying to teach Quinn how to go undercover. I am obviously a big fan of these two teaming up, but I just hope they meet somewhere in the middle and that Quinn doesn't turn into a disturbed, jaded secret agent. Eventually, Quinn figures out that Osbourne's doing it at the dry cleaners, and through her charm and quick thinking, manages to get the evidence they need. Only thing is...the dry cleaner is in on it. And he sends the CIA Director a crystal clear shot of poor Quinn from his security camera. Guys, I don't know if I can handle something bad happening to her, but...things don't look good for her. At all.

So, what did you all think? What is Osbourne's angle? Any ideas? He didn't really have the best poker face in that situation room. And how are you all feeling about the continuing Jake and Olivia flirtation? Are you all nervous for Quinn too? Finally, what do you think of that phone call between Olivia and Fitz? Is he on the road to forgiving her? Talk to us!

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