Scandal recap: Mr. President, We Have a Mole

Olivia helps David Rosen with a bloody situation; Fitz deals with a hostage crisis
Ep. 14 | Aired Feb 14, 2013

THE FACE OF REGRET Fitz tries to hook up with Olivia and gets one big slap in the face. But she gives in, only to find out that it was a one-time thing. Poor form, Mr. President.

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Olivia needs a simple relationship, or just a simple fling, and thinks she might have that in Scott Foley’s Captain Ballard, the handsome senior intelligence officer with the crazy beautiful apartment. They meet cute in a coffee shop. I love their initial conversation. "What do you do" is pretty much always the first question in D.C. When she doesn’t answer, I love how he teases her that she must work for the CIA or the NSA. This makes me wonder how Olivia Pope answers this question on the D.C. party circuit. But wouldn't he recognize the former Press Secretary? Anyway, they make up secret, simpleton professions for themselves and laugh. It's nice to see Olivia flirting again.

At the Christening (sad it's not the National Cathedral!), Fitz and Olivia are baby Ella's godparents, and are forced to gaze into each other's eyes during the ceremony. Fitz follows Olivia when she leaves and pushes her into an electrical closet...and, well, besides Olivia's awesome, passionate slap, you can guess what went down. Afterwards, Fitz tells her that they're done.

As usual, things spiral out of control in the final minutes of the episode. Abby tries to apologize to David, but still gets rejected. Fitz's hostage rescue operation fails, likely due to a mole in the office. David shares with Olivia a flash drive from Wendy's computer that contains high-level military secrets (locations of nuclear weapons, the President’s bunker, etc). And Olivia calls Captain Ballard to set up that date. Earlier in the episode she'd discovered that he was one of Wendy's employers, but that apparently didn't seem to bother her. Things aren't so innocent here, though. They flirt and make plans over the phone as the camera follows him to reveal that he's looking at a live feed of her apartment. “I like people-watching,” he tells her coyly. Scary!

One of the great things about Scandal is that it's not all doom and gloom. There is always some humor, and this week’s episode was no exception. Cyrus has to reluctantly barge in on Fitz while he's showering (with Mellie) to inform him of the hostage situation. "All set for the Christening tomorrow?" Mellie asks demurely. "Yes, yes, all set," says Cyrus, knowing very well he's just interrupted some sort of shower sex situation. Then there’s Huck teaching Quinn how to “clean up” a crime scene, and his surprised face when she jabs the knife into Wendy’s dead body. There's Abby looking at an obscured photo of genitalia:

Abby: Is that someone's...

Harrison: Hairy baby arm? No.

And finally, there's the episode title: "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot." WTF! This is no Wilco reference, though. This is Shonda Rhimes being awesomely cheeky.

So, Scandal-lovers, on this Valentine's Day episode what did you think of Fitz's hate sex with Olivia? Was it hate sex? Also...did anyone spot a moment of flirtation between Quinn and Huck, or am I just reading too much into that? Were you proud of David for standing up for himself and playing hardball? And what is Captain Ballard's angle? Who is he working for?

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