Scandal recap: 'I've Committed a Sin'

Sally Langston goes off the deep end as Olivia discovers the truth about her parents
Ep. 09 | Aired Dec 5, 2013

DADDY DEAREST? Olivia has expended a lot of energy being angry at her father, but it could be her mother that's the monster after all.

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Since he's already lost James, Cyrus goes ahead and delivers the photos of Daniel Douglas' tryst to Sally. But instead of freaking out, she turns it back on Cy, listing all the ways the photos hurt him and his job more than they hurt her. "You've lost," she says. He calls James to give it another shot, lying even more by telling him, "I'm not going to use the photos, Sally will never see them"...after he just showed them to her. Way to get things started on an honest foot.

Fitz comes through, arranging a military plane for Maya to Hong Kong. Olivia shares a heartfelt goodbye with her mom -- before one last memory comes to her of the final time she saw her mom as a child. A man called the house that day asking for Marie, which happens to be the same name Rowan put on the no-fly list. So all those "trumped-up charges" Olivia thought her dad had invented? In fact, her mom was a wanted terrorist. "He's not the monster," Liv realizes. "She is."

But we're far from over: We learn that Huck let Quinn go so she could do something for him. Something big. Quinn asks Rowan to give her all the videos of her killing the security guard, but she's secretly holding a syringe in her hand that will take out Papa Pope -- just when we learned that he might not be the bad guy after all.

AND THEN, Cyrus' phone rings. It's Sally Langston. She's "committed a sin." A wide shot shows Daniel Douglas lying on the ground, bleeding from his back. Honestly, if you had given me all the options on a Clue board, I never would have picked Sally with a knife in the VP residence for a murder this week. Never in a million years. RIP to Daniel Douglas and to Sally's presidential hopes.

Wow, I have barely processed this ending. Will this be an open-and-shut murder case, or will someone help Sally bury the truth? Will Quinn kill Rowan before Olivia has a chance to talk to him about who her mom really is? Will Maya be stopped on her way to Hong Kong? And will David ever dump Abby over these endless favors? Share all your thoughts in the comments!

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