Scandal recap: 'I've Committed a Sin'

Sally Langston goes off the deep end as Olivia discovers the truth about her parents
Ep. 09 | Aired Dec 5, 2013

DADDY DEAREST? Olivia has expended a lot of energy being angry at her father, but it could be her mother that's the monster after all.

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Sally pays Fitz a visit to personally inform him that she's resigning as VP and running against him as an Independent. "You may take me down with you, but you can't win," he tells her. "I'm done waiting for someone to open the door for me, to wait my turn," she says. I have to say, Sally is a better political foe to Fitz than Josie Marcus ever would have been.

The Cyrus and James showdown finally happens, and it's ugly. James lands the first blow, asking Cy why he chose to pimp out his husband instead of, say, hiring an actual hooker. "You have ruined us," James says, informing Cy that he wants a divorce and he's taking their daughter. Cyrus shoots back that he has photographic evidence of James' dalliance with Daniel Douglas, which won't look too good in a custody trial. "You're not going anywhere," Cy says, followed by his coldest line yet: "You never do."

But there's work to be done: Cy is called into the Oval Office to figure out the Sally problem. The president says Cyrus is always droning on about how he has Fitz's back. "Well my back's now got a Sally shiv in it that you may as well have handed her," Fitz says (foreshadowing!). When Mellie is alone with him, Cyrus breaks down in tears -- and she's all too familiar with what he's going through. "It hurts until it doesn't," she says. "You will be fine -- numb, but numb and fine are the same." Man, that statement says so much about Mellie. Of course, she tells Cy to go through with the Sally blackmail anyway.

When David can't get Maya off the no-fly list, Olivia goes to the top: Fitz. But she's not calling for help; she wants to chat about "jam, and Vermont, and kids." It doesn't matter what she wants; Fitz is already on it. He even throws a Pope-ism right back at her: "Consider it handled." Fitz the Fixer has a ring to it.

Charlie finds a bloodied and taped-up Quinn and gives her just what a tortured lady needs: a shower and a glass of vodka, you know, to disinfect Huck's dental work. The next logical step? Getting busy, because nothing says romance like a hit man jamming his face against Quinn's bloodied gums.


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