Scandal recap: 'I've Committed a Sin'

Sally Langston goes off the deep end as Olivia discovers the truth about her parents
Ep. 09 | Aired Dec 5, 2013

DADDY DEAREST? Olivia has expended a lot of energy being angry at her father, but it could be her mother that's the monster after all.

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Harrison alert! Shonda has been sprinkling backstory details throughout the season, and we got another lead tonight: A woman who referred to Harrison as "H" and seemed very familiar with him dropped by OPA to help the Gladiators. She also delivered a message: "Adnan Salif says hi." It's definitely not good news for Harrison that his former boss is back in the country.

When Olivia brings her mother some breakfast later, Huck is bandaging up Mama Pope's wrists -- you know, the ones she ate through. "Just cleaning up a little," she says in the understatement of the year. Maya asks Olivia to sit and eat with her, but Liv is hesitant to catch up. Her mom lays out the imaginary life she invented for her daughter, but it's far from the fixer Olivia has become. "There just doesn't seem to be a lot of laughter in your life," Maya says, in yet another gross understatement.

Jake and Huck realize they're going to need a lot more than Pope & Associates to get Maya out of the country, so Jake turns -- in full uniform, no less -- to his old buddy Fitz. Of course, everything becomes a battle over Olivia. "You don't want to be the hero. You want to be her hero," Fitz says. "Word to the wise: She doesn't need one." OK, point to President Fitzgerald Grant on that line.

It's dysfunctional couple day on Scandal (oh, who am I kidding, it's dysfunctional couple decade on Scandal). First, we find Sally informing hubby Daniel Douglas that all their "patience" has paid off and they're on the road to the White House. Then we have James, who regrets that Cy can't come home for his final meeting with Daniel Douglas because it "could've been a threesome." (James is having way too much fun dragging Cy across the coals for this one.) And then Double-D himself finds James at the White House to threaten him about his upcoming article. "You people think we're all gay," Daniel Douglas says, with James shooting back, "No, we think gay people are gay."

Adding to the night's bloodbath is Quinn, who has gotten hold of a glass and tries to saw her way out of the tape with the shards. But Huck gets back before she finishes, and he's ready to pull more teeth. The rest of Pope & Associates have no clue this is going on, but they have bigger issues: Rowan put Maya on the FBI's most-wanted list under a different name, Marie Wallace. Abby asks David to take Maya off the no-fly list in typical Abby fashion: "Normal boyfriends do favors for their girlfriends." Yes, but unless you're Edward Snowden's girlfriend, those favors involve a ride to the airport, not national security issues.

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