Scandal recap: 'We Do Not Touch the First Ladies'

As Fitz and Jake continue their tug-of-war over Olivia, Mellie finally gets some action of her own
Ep. 12 | Aired Mar 6, 2014

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Back at the office, Huck hands Olivia the third coffee of the episode -- even though she doesn't drink coffee (don't you know Kerry Washington is pregnant, Huck?). He learned the gesture through commercials: Bringing coffee means he's sorry; Olivia drinking it means she's forgiven him. Liv thinks Huck went too far with Quinn, but he turns the tables. She went too far by taking Quinn's life away from her and then handing her over to Huck to mold in his image. "You hold the leash," he tells her.

Even if Mellie and Andrew never crossed any lines in the governor's mansion, he's clearly hoping to cross one now. Mellie walks in on Andrew staring at a portrait of Jackie Kennedy -- he seems to have a thing for first ladies -- and he asks, "What would happen if I were to kiss you right now?" That's all Mellie needs to hear: She goes in for a passionate-but-brief kiss and then runs away. Apparently she and Olivia aren't so different after all.

We'll end this episode like we started it: With an intense Olitz scene. But Olivia and Fitz aren't screaming at each other this time. He just wants to know one thing: "Do you have feelings for Jake?" And what is Jake up to at the moment? Well, he's discovered his inside White House source: Tom the Secret Service agent, who delivers a flash drive of the day's events. Jake watches the Oval Office tape to hear Olivia's answer. Does she have feelings for him? "Honestly, I don't know." So you're saying there's a chance!

Adnan, meanwhile, has returned home to her roomie: OLIVIA'S MOM. "Are we in?" Maya Pope asks, presumably about their dirty money getting into Fitz's campaign coffers. "We're in," Adnan confirms.

Wow, I did NOT see that coming. I know to expect the unexpected with Shonda, but if I had to guess this episode's surprise, it would be that David Rosen didn't survive the hour. Who is going to pay for Publius? Will Olivia continue to juggle Fitz and fake BF Jake? Will things go farther between Mellie and Andrew? And will Shonda write a spin-off buddy comedy for Adnan and Maya (OK, probably "no" on that one)? We'll have to wait until next week for those answers, but share your theories below!

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