Scandal recap: 'We Do Not Touch the First Ladies'

As Fitz and Jake continue their tug-of-war over Olivia, Mellie finally gets some action of her own
Ep. 12 | Aired Mar 6, 2014

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Things are getting messy for James and David. Vanessa wants to meet her source in person, but the White House press secretary can't exactly fess up to being Publius. For some reason, David -- a flipping U.S. attorney -- agrees to go in James' place. Of course, Cy and Charlie aren't going to let this meeting happen. What's going to happen to David, you guys? Who will do OPA's favors if David is knocked off???

Mellie's trying to help out Andrew (and herself) by getting Fitz back on his side, but the president won't make time for his wife. She offers to talk to Olivia about Andrew, but the president barks at her, "Stay away from Olivia!" After he brings up the lunch between his wife and his mistress, Mellie asks: "What does that feel like? To be so hot for someone, so turned on by someone, that you would put everything you ever worked for at risk?" Maybe she'll find out for herself soon enough.

Flash back to Mellie and Andrew, after he saved the now-first lady from her suicide attempt. He wants to know why she wanted to die -- and she actually tells him. Her father-in-law raped her and now she doesn't know if her son is his or her husband's. "Are we done?"

Fun fact: Carla Steele's show is called Steele Trap. Uh-mazing. But Carla didn't get her exclusive this time around. Olivia told the network that Carla's source was paid off, and they canceled the interview. When Harrison tells Olivia that the doctor had given the prescriptions to a woman, and not Andrew, she puts two and two together that Andrew is protecting Mellie. She also tells Mellie to end it with Andrew, but she insists she never cheated. "I'm not like you," she hisses at Liv.

James tries to warn David not to go to the meeting with Vanessa, but it's too late: He already has a bag over his head and is shoved in a trunk. He then calls Abby and confesses his love -- just as Huck and Abby open said trunk. OPA to the rescue! And it looks like Harrison made that Grant campaign donation to get Adnan in to the fundraising dinner, and she wastes no time offering up her help to Cyrus. Now THAT is a scary pair.

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