Scandal recap: 'We Do Not Touch the First Ladies'

As Fitz and Jake continue their tug-of-war over Olivia, Mellie finally gets some action of her own
Ep. 12 | Aired Mar 6, 2014

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Cyrus, meanwhile, has decided to "take care" of Publius on his own, which has James just a little freaked out. He calls David Rosen, who suggests that James send Vanessa Chandler the full phone call between Cy and Sally. His logic: The more people who know the truth, the less likely James will be to suffer Cyrus' wrath. I don't know, guys, that pretty much seems like poking the bear. Cy calls up his right-hand man Charlie -- who's in the middle of spying on Olivia and her dad, at Jake's orders -- to smoke out Publius. And Charlie's not alone: His loving girlfriend, Quinn, is in the next car over spying on him.

When Charlie takes off to help Cyrus, Quinn turns her attention to the Pope family, having a heated conversation at dinner about who leaked the drug story. Liv storms out of the restaurant only to find Baby Huck spying on her. Olivia gets in the car and tells Quinn to leave her B613 aspirations behind and "come home" to OPA. But, Quinn argues, Huck doesn't want her there. Plus, "he licked my face." Eww, we'd almost gotten that visual out of our heads. When Olivia won't get out of the car, Quinn points a gun at her. "I'm violent now, haven't you heard?" Poor, sweet Baby Huck...

Olivia calls Jake over to scold him about assigning Quinn to spy on her dad, and Jake delivers his best speech to date. After denying that he assigned Quinn to Rowan and telling Liv that she's not allowed to tell him how to do his job anyway, his real rant begins -- about the contents of her fridge. "Wine is not beer and popcorn is not food," he says, nailing Olivia's life on the head, all the while taking off his shirt like any good fake boyfriend. As he heads to the shower, he sighs, "It's been a long day and I want to wash it off me before we have pretend sex." How can you not root for Jake after this?!?

Back to politics (but I promise we'll get back to Jake), there's some big money exchanging hands, and there's some money missing in action. Harrison calls up the Grant campaign to make a donation (Adnan's briefcase of cash, perhaps?), while Leo calls Hollis to see if his check's in the mail. But Sally shouldn't hold her breath: Cyrus still seems to have the shady Texan on his side.

There's some digging going on at OPA. Abby wants Huck to hack into David's email -- but not because he hasn't confessed his love to her; she knows he has something big going on. Huck's busy, however, finding Carla Steele's source: the doctor who delivered drugs to the governor's mansion. When Abby and Harrison meet up with him, he drops a hint: A woman called him for drugs; not Andrew.

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