Scandal recap: 'We Do Not Touch the First Ladies'

As Fitz and Jake continue their tug-of-war over Olivia, Mellie finally gets some action of her own
Ep. 12 | Aired Mar 6, 2014

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James is worried his cover is blown as he sees his evil husband speaking with Vanessa Chandler, the very reporter he leaked information about Daniel Douglas' death to. But James isn't Deep Throat; he's Publius. And he's already regretting the codename, despite its historical significance, and the EW Gladiators weren't so fond of it either (from Bigdede in last week's recap comments: "Publius is the worst name ever! When I first saw it I thought it said pubic"). But Cy isn't onto James just yet: He asks his husband to set up an exclusive interview between the president and Vanessa in hopes of charming Publius' identity out of her.

Vanessa Chandler isn't the White House's only problem reporter: Carla Steele is also standing by with rumors of prescription-drug abuse in the California governor's mansion. Olivia goes into fixer mode, but Andrew says they shouldn't try to shut down the rumors -- because they're true. Over at B613, Jake is delivered a briefcase filled with all the country's most important national-security documents. He also learns that he has an insider at the White House who will make him or herself known soon. Is it someone we've already met or a new face?

As Leo is talking up a whale of a campaign donor, Sally Langston is flashing back to the murder of her husband. (It's not a question of "if" but "when" Sally will snap -- you know, besides the time she killed her husband in the first place.) But if there's anyone who can make Sally seem downright squeaky-clean, it's Hollis Doyle, who oozes into the VP's office to offer up a giant check in return for some oil-drilling real estate and naming the next energy chief. Sally's too busy thinking of blood-stained rugs to care.

Back to Governor Feelgood: Andrew tries to explain why he had illegal prescription drugs delivered to the governor's mansion instead of, you know, going to the doctor, insisting he was just trying to keep his oxy use off the books. Olivia is ready to let him fall on his own sword and have Fitz pick a new VP candidate when she realizes who might be behind the leak: her dad. Liv calls up Jake to find out, and he, in turn, calls Charlie to do the dirty work. But here's the thing about the drugs at the governor's mansion: They were real, but they weren't Andrew's; he was covering for Mellie. And she didn't just have a pill or two, she was trying to OD. Andrew forced her to throw up to save her life. No wonder this woman is hard-as-nails now.

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