Scandal recap: The Mother of All Meetings

After a romantic getaway with Fitz, Olivia Pope is in for the surprise of her life
Ep. 08 | Aired Nov 21, 2013

NEW ENGLAND NOOKIE Liv and the president steal away for an old-fashioned Olitz hook-up in Vermont, so Shonda Rhimes has clearly been getting your fan letters.

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James’ first day of interviewing Daniel Douglas didn’t go so hot, so Cy keeps creeping lower by suggesting an at-home interview, a tight V-neck sweater, and a nice bottle of bourbon to “open him up.” Just call him Heidi Fleiss.

Just as Jake guessed, Fitz found a way to talk to Olivia: by letting her know that he knows who her father is. She hops a helicopter to Vermont, and while Fitz is in a romantic mood -- wearing his best cable-knit sweater next to a crackling fire and talking about the local artisans who built his Vermont bungalow -- she bristles at the subject of her dad. But this isn’t just any house: Fitz built it for Olivia. “This was going to be you and me raising a family and growing old together in this house…and I just wanted you to see it at least once before I sell,” he says. Yup, that does the trick: They’re making out like old times.

Back in the secret hospital of the secret prison (what kind of compound is B613 running?), Eli brings Maya photos of Olivia. Well, not photos so much as press clippings. When Maya gets on his case about not being there for their daughter, Eli seethes, “Don’t forget for a second whose fault that is.” So the faked death was because of Maya, not because of Eli? Start sharing your theories in the comments, Gladiators!

*Gratuitous Olitz sex scene alert!* (Well, I’m sure the couple’s fans don’t think any moment of this is gratuitous.) I couldn’t help but think that Olivia and Fitz were going to start sculpting on a clay wheel at any moment, as if they were in an alternate universe where Tony Goldwyn actually played the Patrick Swayze role in Ghost instead of being the bad guy. Get the fanfic going now! But they can’t stay in Vermont forever: A helicopter arrives to swoop Liv back to D.C. -- after Liv gives Fitz permission to go after her father all he wants. Will Eli win like always, or can Olitz take him down? “Don’t sell the house -- not yet,” she says on her way out the door.

When we join another Scandal couple in bed -- yup, Abby and David -- they’re, of course talking business. Josie’s laptop was wiped clean before it was stolen, so Abby knows that “her sister, or daughter, or sister/daughter” is to blame. And it just so happens Harrison is in bed with Candace at that very moment. Wow, the beginning of a backstory AND some action? Season 3 really is shaping up to be the Year of Harrison.

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