Scandal recap: The Mother of All Meetings

After a romantic getaway with Fitz, Olivia Pope is in for the surprise of her life
Ep. 08 | Aired Nov 21, 2013

NEW ENGLAND NOOKIE Liv and the president steal away for an old-fashioned Olitz hook-up in Vermont, so Shonda Rhimes has clearly been getting your fan letters.

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Back at the White House, Mellie is in her own version of marital bliss, reviewing her interview with Fitz, in which he jumps to his wife’s defense and appears to, you know, actually like her. But the president is thinking about someone else: The infamous Fitz-phone is ringing, and Olivia isn’t answering. Liv’s mom, meanwhile, is just as determined as her daughter is -- determined to GNAW THROUGH HER OWN WRIST. (There’s a reason I watch Scandal and not Grey’s, Shonda: I cannot handle that much blood. Yikes.) But this stunt will buy Maya some more time.

Quinn is out collecting security footage, but this isn’t an OPA errand; she’s looking out for herself. Jake catches her in the act, so she has to admit that she has the footage and share it with the group. As always, Baby Huck does something to earn her infantile nickname.

Somehow, David Rosen still allows Abby to come into his office, and she’s asking her on-again, off-again man to raid Reston’s campaign headquarters in search of Josie’s stolen laptop. (Worth noting, David reveals his own personal nickname for the Gladiators in this scene: “Pope-heads.” It has a ring to it!) And apparently they’re on again: Abby suggests David start using his snore clips or she’ll kick him out of bed. Why do I even bother keeping up?

Operation Honey Trap is a go (is this our new Remington?), and Cy asks Mellie to butter up Daniel Douglas to make a pass at James. Even the first lady considers this a “new low,” but she goes ahead with the plan, telling DD that Cyrus and James have an open marriage and setting the scene for a come-on.

Quinn is moved off the investigation of the murder she committed, but she has to pass her ill-gotten security footage to Huck. Girl, you’re screwed. And speaking of screwed: Against Liv’s orders, Candace holds a press conference accusing the Reston campaign of the burglary. Olivia is already at her wit’s end when the Fitz-phone is ringing yet again. Instead of merely throwing the phone away and digging it out of the garbage, she goes for broke, smashing it into tiny pieces. Jake witnesses this completely well-adjusted display and says what everyone’s thinking: “If the president wants to talk to you, he’ll find a way to do it.” Jake must see his chances with Olivia slipping further away every day. He could rent out D.C.’s best winery and fill it to the ceiling with Gettysburgers, all for her, and he’d still get nothing from Liv. You Olitz fans must love this tipping of the scales!

Huck has a breakthrough on the security footage, spotting a reflection of a woman in a window. It’s only a matter of time until Quinn’s face is on Huck’s monitor. Quinn, meanwhile, gets a break on the Marcus break-in: The laptop was found at Reston campaign HQ. David rallies the FBI troops to raid Reston’s offices, and Candace congratulates herself for her press-conference stunt.

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