Scandal recap: Gladiators Don't Run

Abby takes charge, Olivia takes advantage of Jake, and Fitz's life is in danger
Ep. 16 | Aired Apr 3, 2014

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Mellie, meanwhile, gives an impassioned speech to veteran women -- and apparently talking to servicewomen gets her all hot and bothered (sigh), because she rushes right to Andrew and reconsiders her moratorium on their affair. But Olivia's either-or worked on Andrew, and he turns Mellie down. Her totally measured response? She walks into a crowded room of presidential staffers and smacks her husband across the face, yelling, "You take everything from me!" Well, so much for secrets.

Abby and Olivia are regrouping after a full day -- even for this show -- and Liv talks about the time her father tried to put her on a plane and help her disappear. (Remember the innocent times? You know, the beginning of season 3?) Abby -- clearly worked up after living in Liv's shoes for a few days -- asks, "You want to know what Olivia Pope would say? You don't get to run. Gladiators don't run." Well, well, well, maybe Abby is becoming more than just David's favor-hungry girlfriend!

Maya's boyfriend returns to the hotel room with a lot more than flowers -- he's hand-delivered a bomb, which Charlie calls "the Mona Lisa of boom." And over at OPA, they've managed to gain access to all of B613's servers. They immediately shut the agency down -- just as Quinn and Charlie have eyes on Liv's mom and her bomb. But just as quickly as they're popping champagne, Jake bursts in on their office and wrings Olivia's neck and points a gun at Huck. What has Olivia done? "You've just killed the president," Jake says. Oh damn.

We have two more episodes left in this season, Gladiators. How is Olivia going to save Fitz from her mom? Did we just officially see her last hookup with Jake? Seems like he's not going to feel too cuddly after this betrayal. And how do feel about Abby as the new Olivia? Her jackets alone are making me enjoy the move. Share all your thoughts on that and more below!

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