Scandal recap: Gladiators Don't Run

Abby takes charge, Olivia takes advantage of Jake, and Fitz's life is in danger
Ep. 16 | Aired Apr 3, 2014

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Charlie and Quinn are keeping an eye on Maya and Adnan, and in the meantime, they're reviewing each other's romantic histories. Quinn reveals that her last two boyfriends are now dead, and Charlie says he's only dated the very "special" Quinn. Nothing weird about that. Claire pays Maya and Adnan a visit to supply them with fake passports, and then she'll have to leave town forever. Is she sure about choosing this femme-fatale duo over Harrison?

Huck figures out a way for Olivia to access the B613 files, but she'll need to get some personal time with Jake's phone to make it happen. Hmm, looks like she'll need some personal time with Jake too then. Not complaining ... even though dude gets more and more evil by the second. But then she rolls to his house, and there he is in just his pajama pants. And I forget all the evil stuff. (Sorry, James.) Olivia gives him one look, and it's on. Man, she really wants to get into those B613 files! Actually, this is pretty mutually beneficial for all parties involved. The one step she might not have considered is how she was going to go creeping around a superspy's house for a phone. But she makes it happen and delivers the goods to Huck and Harrison. This woman really needs to find a normal boyfriend...

In another dysfunctional relationship news, Mellie is trying to get back into Fitz's good graces by laying out neckties that match her dress -- ties that he proceeds to throw on the ground. And when Governor Reston visits his wife in prison, she threatens to call the police and file for divorce now that she knows the truth about her husband. But he says no one will believe her and she'll just get committed. Real stand-up dudes fighting to run the country.

As Olivia and her dad enjoy dinner, they're joined by an unexpected guest: Maya. She sits down and takes a sip from Liv's wine glass. Um, anyone want to dial 911? Instead, the ex-couple just brandish steak knives. When Harrison calls, he tells Liv that Maya and Adnan got to Claire first and left her for dead. And then Maya floats out just as breezily as she floated in. This woman is truly hiding in plain sight.

Back in the White House, Abby is settling quite nicely into Olivia's role -- and her wardrobe! That raspberry-colored cinched coat was truly Pope-ian. While Leo is worried that their team-up isn't working against Reston, Abby shows him the visiting-room video she captured of the governor threatening his imprisoned wife. It's already on YouTube, so it's RIP Reston campaign.

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