Scandal recap: Gladiators Don't Run

Abby takes charge, Olivia takes advantage of Jake, and Fitz's life is in danger
Ep. 16 | Aired Apr 3, 2014

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Over at B613, Jake is giving orders to Charlie and Quinn to keep tabs on Maya Pope. Good luck with that. Maya is a currently busy getting reacquainted with an old friend -- and giving him piles of money. For what? We don't know yet. Harrison is also trying to track down Maya (and Adnan), dropping in on old friend Claire to see if she'll help out. But she wants Maya to be her mentor (good role model, lady), so she declines.

Jake pops by Liv's place, but she doesn't want his romantic burger-and-beer visits anymore. She won't let him in and says they can't be together, because "you kill my friends." He bangs on her door, but she still won't let him in. "I asked you to save me and you said no," he whispers through the door. Oh man, is Jake beyond saving now? Meanwhile, the old Command is trying to help Liv take down B613, but he no longer has access to the system. That needs to be done from the inside. Looks like Liv shouldn't have been so hasty in turning down that late-night house call.

While Olivia is focusing all her energy on this B613 takedown, things are spinning out of control at the White House. Cyrus leaked a story about Sally's daughter getting an abortion, and the VP's new pro-choice stance is only winning her points with female voters. And Fitz is vetting a new VP candidate behind Liv's back. Olivia pushes him to say what he really needs, aside from a new running mate: "I need Andrew to stop screwing my wife." So Sally is cool with her daughter's abortion and Fitz isn't cool with his wife's infidelity. The Hypocrite Express has officially arrived at the White House station. "Consider it handled," she tells her boyfriend of helping his get his wife back.

So Olivia presents Andrew with a choice: Do you want to be vice president or do you want to screw Mellie? And that's not the end of the choice. Olivia promises to bury Andrew's political career if he chooses Mellie, and she's pretty sure the first lady won't stick around for long if he's teaching political science instead of running the country.

Back at campaign HQ, Olivia brings Cyrus and Leo together and proposes a truce: Fitz and Sally team up to take down Governor Reston, making it a two-man race. So Abby and Leo head to the prison to talk to Reston's wife and inform her that her husband should be behind bars, not her.

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