Scandal recap: Dropping a Bomb

The Capitol bomb scare isn't the only explosion in Olivia Pope's D.C.
Ep. 03 | Aired Oct 17, 2013

THIS IS NOT A FAIRY TALE Olivia might be back in her love triangle, but she's not holding out for a happy ending.

Danny Feld/ABC

The day's events left Mellie in need of a drink -- or 10. And her accent is in full Britney Spears mode, y'all, as she drinks her hooch and propositions her husband. But she's not drowning her sorrows; she's "celebratin'." Fitz is confused: Doesn't she wish Olivia had been blown to bits today? No, she explains, because Fitz would spend the rest of his days worshiping "Saint Olivia Pope." But since Olivia's still alive, she tells Fitz, "She's your flaw... which makes her my weapon."

Huck is waiting in the shadows for Olivia when she gets back to the office, and while he tells her he's "all killed out today," Rowan wasn't his victim. Instead, Rowan is still his master, instructing Huck to kill and torture the White House intruder, Pete. "He still owns me, Liv," Huck wails. "He still owns me."

She's greeted by a more cheerful (but no less tortured) face at home: Jake. He kisses her on the check and suggests Gettysburger delivery (recalling their doomed date from last season), but she just wants to know one thing: "How are you here?" He swears he doesn't know; she's sure her father has ulterior motives. (But what are those motives, Gladiators?) Jake tells her what it was like for him in the hole and how he imagined her face to get him through it. Didn't he know her for only months before that? Is Olivia really the only meaningful relationship in his life?

Well, if she is, here's his reality check: "This is not a fairy tale. This is not the happily ever after." Rowan owns Huck. Rowan owns Jake. And Rowan (or Eli) has always owned Olivia. The symphony of phone-ringing drives home his omnipresence in all their lives, but he can't make them pick up tonight.

What did you think, Gladiators? Do you wish Huck had taken care of Rowan? Where does Olivia stand with Jake and Fitz? Will David regret taking a stand with Cyrus? And can Baby Huck ever really replace Adult Huck? Sound off in the comments!

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